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Finance & Property

Finance & Property

Finance is usually understood from the second house in a horoscope. Secure Deposits, Liquid cash etc. are appreciated from the second house. Benefice spheres placed in the second house are very good for making finance. Of course if these benefice spheres have good lordship that would be the best grouping. For example if eleventh house noble (lordship) is placed in second house, it is very decent. Eleventh for increases. Tenth house lord located in second house is very good. This mean gross from profession as tenth is for career. Seventh lord placed in second house is very good as it would nasty finance via business or overseas connection or even from the life companion.

The other community of interest for secure assets, family, land, and belongings is looked at from the fourth house of family pleasure. This house usually represents mother, land, goods,agriculture, transport etc. In order to get a favourable result, the above rule declared applies here as well. That is conversation of a good lordship planet with fourth house or fourth lord.

The other house we look at for economics is the house of tradition.That is the eighth house. The legacy could be through the father or the mother or any other family memberships, or friends or from any one for that matter. If the eighth house is fine placed, or the eighth house is well accepted, then there is great opportunity of you receiving from elders. The best example is Ambani brothers, where they hereditary from their father after their father expired.

A house of unexpected money is the sixth house of assumption.Whether you are good at assumption is also can be seen from the chart. Many people do take lottery and contribute in lotteries. But are they all lucky to get it? No. only a minority of people is lucky. Whether betting would mark you a millionaire or a insolvent, these can be seen from your chart!

Business is realized from the seventh house. Also the karaka for business is mercury; the third house also signifies Occupation. Same rule relates here as well. Benefice spheres accepting the seventh house, placed in the seventh house, expecting the seventh lord, placed along with seventh lord etc.would be the advantage.

There is no point in complaining by discerning or saying I do not have much investment, because even before you were born, your solitary has decided a road map for this birth & lifetime in which the money factors are well agreed. The birth horoscope is a picture of a person’s life. Health,Wealth, Profession and Marriage are the foremost issues which are of concern to all of us. Today we are active in a money-oriented society; therefore, Wealth becomes prime status to everybody. For getting all luxuries, we need money in lavishness.There are numerous ways by which a person can obtain wealth. Some people are congenital with silver spoon in their mouth and they get all luxuries by feature of luck or Raj yogas in their horoscope. Some people work tough, some use their cleverness,some route to black marketing, smuggling and all sorts of unlawful means to get prosperity.


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