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Husband Wife ( Dispute And Divorce) Problems Solution

Husband Wife ( Dispute And Divorce) Problems Solution

Family relationships, like all relationships, are based upon what each of perspective that helps you better understand yourself and family members in a nonjudgmental fashion.person is like individually and how you then mesh together. Family Problem Solution astrology consultations provide a detached As a husband or wife, parent, child, or sibling, you have certain predetermined ways of relating. Your astrology chart provides the lens through which look at the world. A family consultation shows you the way you naturally relate to other people, where your family fits into your expectations, and where you fit into theirs. It helps individual members to better understand their talents and innate problems, as well as the talents and problems of those around them. Family Problem Solution Astrology charts show family patterns that get passed down from generation to generation. Just as children inherit genes from both sides of the family, innate abilities as well as difficult traits as shown by astrological patterns, are also passed down. Family is the basic unit of society and is highly regarded in the Indian culture. All members in a family have disparate personalities but they have to function together. In earlier days, thefamilies used to be large and joint families existed harmoniously. However, in today’s world,families are becoming smaller but their problems are increasing.This is because the family members spend less time with each other because of their busy schedule . Planets have an important role in determining the prosperity and harmony of a family as each planet governs a family member e.g. Sun and Moon represent father and mother, Jupiter represents elder brother, mars and mercury represent younger brothers and sisters.


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