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Benefits Of Wearing Cat’s Eye Stone – Lehsunia Gemstone for Ketu – Astrology Support

Relationships with Ketu, the oppressive and aggressive planet Cat’s Eye Stone, are hugely significant and precious. Ketu’s powerful and controlling position in one’s horoscope can confer that individual remarkably on wearing this jewel. Cat’s Eye is a jewel identified to have hot theoretical belongings. It supports doing away with the malefic effects of Ketu and carries down the bad- effects caused in one’s figure due to augmented cold.

The planet Ketu mainly exists in retrograde locations and is recognized to bring unanticipated and sudden improvements and profits when it derives to a powerful location in a person’s horoscope. Ketu mainly indicates the grandfather, incidence or fame of leprosy, any damage or change in a person’s life, matters of luck, wealth, fears, and developments. Here are also some Ketu mantras that solve your life’s difficulties.


Ketu Strotam Mantra:



Ketu Gayatri Mantra:

AUM ChitravarnayaVidhmahe,


Tanno Ketu Prachodaya

Ketu Beej Mantra:

Om Hum Kem KetaveNamah

It would be best if you considered reciting the mantras to get the benefits of Ketu planet. It would be best if you chanted them according to the astrologer’s direction.

The stone frequently has a circular cabochon cut and owns good dispersion. The effect of this jewel shows in the wearer’s mystical feelings and relations, self-denial, and one’s detachment from worldly needs and luxuries. Ketu is also recognized for awarding people with wisdom and the aptitude to separate and gain divine and otherwise information.

Beeja mantra

“Om sraamsreemsraumsahketavenamah”

“Om kemketvenamah”

“Om Hum Kem KetaveNamah”

Puranik Mantra

Om Ketavenamah

(Om, I bow down to Ketu)

Gayatri Mantra for Ketu:

“Om Chitravarnayavidhmahe, sarparoopayadhimahi, tanno Ketu prachodayat”

Lakshmi mantra

“Om ShreemAkhandSaubhagya Dhan SamridhimDehiNamah:”

Goddess Lakshmi is known for fortune, prosperity, and wealth. She is said to be the goddess who brings good luck and prosperity. So, you should chant this mantra for 11 days to obtain good luck.

There are many benefits of wearing the Cat’s eye stone in which, some of which are given here:

9 benefits of wearing the Cat’s eye stone

  1. Hostage the Ill Effects of Ketu

It is supposed that wearing a cat’s eye stone provides many benefits to a person’s lifespan. Among them, one is the protection from Ketu’s malicious Eye, the most famous. A Natural Lehsunia Ratan not only abolishes and defends you from the malicious Eye of the malign planet Ketu but also assists helpful in the course of the disciplinary stage of the 18 years extended Ketu Maha Dasa.

  1. Serves Constant Prosperity

Cat’s Eye Gemstone is recognized to generate wealth and success. It increases new ideas and serves scholars’ knowledge, specifically during examinations. Besides investigators, this mystical stone is hugely helpful to experts and occupational persons. By improving its proprietor’s monetary conditions, Lehsuniya stone brings victory in new business projects.

This is an excellent astrological remedy for bringing success to your life by wearing the Cat’s eye stone ring. You can also use various astrological mantras to remove bad luck and bring success. Here are given some mantras in the following section:

The Krishna mantra is:

Krishna Krishna Mahayogin Bhaktanam

Abhayakara Govinda Paramananda Sarvam me Vashamanaya

The Shiva mantra is:

Om HiliiHiliiShoolPaneyNamah

The Hanuman mantra is

Om Hanumant Veer RakhoHadhDheer Karo Ye KaamVyapar Badhe

Tantra Door Hoon Toona TooteGrahakBashe Karaj SidhHoye Na Hoye To Anjani Duhai

  1. Provide mental peace

In the astrological feature, both the Cat’s eye stone for Ketu is known to be a mystical global body. Wearing a real Lehsunia gem converts you from the professional needs of these worldly things and informs your soul to the track of holiness. It also supports you in overcoming the shocks& scary recalls of any earlier coincidence. People facing nervousness, unhappiness, sadness, mental fears, and absurdity can wear this Cat’s eye gemstone and benefit from mental peace.

Here are given some mantras that help you to provide the peace of mind, such as:

The Surya mantra is:

Aum HranHreenHronSehSuryayNamah

The Chandra mantra is:

Aum ShranShrinShronSehChandrayeNamah

The Mangal mantra is:

Om Kran Krin Kron SehBhaumaayeNamah

The Budh mantra is:

Aum Bran Brin BronSehBudhayeNamah

The Budh mantra is:

Aum Bran Brin BronSehBudhayeNamah

The Ketu mantra is:

Aum SramSrinSronSehKetveNamah

Chanting these mantras daily, you can keep your mind peaceful and live your life happily with your family.

  1. It Provides many health benefits

This ketu’s stone serves remarkable health benefits to its owner and defends against numerous health difficulties like ingestion, stomach illnesses, or skin collapsing. When united with other genuine gemstones, a Cat’s Eye stone even supports to treat various dangerous life-threatening illnesses such as paralysis, asthma, blood cancer, mouth cancer, and bone cancer.

With the help of given following mantras of astrology, you can get health benefits:

 Om Namo BhagavateVasudevayaDhanvantraye

Amrita Kalasha Hastaya, Sarva Maya Vinashanaya

TrailokaNathaya, Shri MahavishnaveNamah

Mahamrityunjaya mantra:

Om TrayambakamYajamaheSugandhimPushtivardhanam


Reciting these astrological mantras can save your life from a dangerous illness.

  1. 5. Bring good luck

Cats’ Eye stone is the most excellent favored stone among those related to the reticulations and investments. With the help of this, you can bring good luck to your life. You can also take the help of some mantras given in the following lines for good luck:

Om shreemhreemshreem om Mahalakshmi namah:

Kuber mantra

“Om YakshayaKuberayaVaishravanaya Dhana-DhanyadiPataye, Dhana DhanayadiSamruddhim Me DehiDapayaSwaha”

Worship Lord Kuber to carry all the things with ease in your life. Kuber brings good luck, wealth, and capital to life.

It would help if you recited this mantra during the evening after sunset and in the morning.

  1. Increase prosperity

This gemstone is recognized to solve the issue of the work that has been jammed for an extensive time, serving in specialized success. With the help of this, you can get back your lost money and increase prosperity.

  1. Help you to protect from lousy Eye

Keeping a Cat’s Eye stone near yourself can support you in getting conjecturaldefense. This stone also keeps away the evil Eye. There are some mantras available for you to protect your life from the evil Eye, such as:

Shyama GaurasundaradoujoriNirakhahinchhabijananitrina tori

  1. Chandi / chamundi mantra – Om Aim HrimKlimChamundayeVichheNamah.

Sudarsana Mantras

1.Om KleemKrishnayagovindaya Gopi Jana VallabhayaNamah


Para Karma Mantra Yantra Tantra Oushada Astra Sastrani


3.Om Namo BhagavatheMahaSudarshanaya

DeeptreJwalaParidayaSarvaDikShobana Karaya

Hoom Phat Brahmane Param JyothisheSwaha

With the help of these tremendous astrological mantras, you can easily remove the bad Eye from your and your family’s life

  1. Provide a lesson giving hard times in life

Cat’s Eye is a jewel of Ketuknown for carryingchallengingcircumstances in life and giving lessons through the tough method. Hence, Cat’s Eye helps unlock oneself from luxurious and worldly attachments.

  1. Bring success to your business

If anentrepreneurcontinually accesses losses in his commercial life, he can use a cats-eye jewel after referring astrologers. With its support, you can complete all your pending work more successfully. With the following mantras, you can easily complete your work and add success to your life:


मनोजवंमारुततुल्यवेगं, जितेन्द्रियंबुद्धिमतांवरिष्ठम्।

वातात्मजंवानरयूथमुख्यं, श्रीरामदूतंशरणंप्रपद्येमनोजवंमारुततुल्यवेगं, जितेन्द्रियंबुद्धिमतांवरिष्ठम्।

वातात्मजंवानरयूथमुख्यं, श्रीरामदूतंशरणंप्रपद्ये



Ganesha mantras:

ओम्गंगणपतयेनमः ||

|| Om Gan GanpatayeNamah ||

Lakshmi mantras:

|| ॐश्रीम्महालक्ष्म्यैनमः ||

|| Om ShrimMahalakshmyaiNamah ||

Vishnu Mantra:

|| ओम्नमोनारायणाय ||

|| Om Namo Narayanay ||

It would be best if you recited the above mantras 108 times daily to achieve success in your business life.

So, astrology is an excellent method to solve all the problems in your life, and Cat’s eye stone is also an astrological method to get the above-given benefits. So, you should wear that great jewels to get various benefits in your life.

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