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Benefits Of Wearing Stone Diamond – Hira Gemstone for Shukra – Astrology Support

Wear the right gemstone can actually make some positive and significant difference in one’s life. As per the ancient mythologies, there are some incredible gemstones that are known for the positive energy and better changes they can bring into one’s life. Talking of which Diamond is one of the highly recommended gemstones. Governed by Planet venus, this gemstone can bring wealth, success, and happiness to one’s life. Everyone always desires the beauty of a diamond and indeed it is one precious gemstone to have. So if you are keen to discover them first before using them then certainly, you are at the right place.

Discover more about Diamond gemstones:

Diamond gemstone is considered one of the most highly powerful options you can consider buying. Venus, a planet of astrology is known for its symbol of charming life, love, luxury, and also all good things that happen in life. Governed by the diamond planet, this is one good planet that brings positive differences. A diamond hence is advised for the people who plan to work or have already been a part of creative or environmental industries to date. It is also believed that earning a diamond can bring fortune, luck, and happiness to one’s life. But when you use it, make sure you have complete faith in it. Also, given below is a positive mantra that you can chant when you wear it to notice good changes in your life.

mayi̍ me̱dhāṃ mayi̍ pra̱jāṃ mayya̱gnistejo̍ dadhātu̱

mayi̍ me̱dhāṃ mayi̍ pra̱jāṃ mayīndra̍ indri̱yaṃ da̍dhātu̱

mayi̍ me̱dhāṃ mayi̍ pra̱jāṃ mayi̱ sūryo̱ bhrājo̍ dadhātu ||

oṃ ha̱ṃsa̱ ha̱ṃsāya̍ vi̱dmahe̍ paramaha̱ṃsāya̍ dhīmahi | tanno̍ haṃsaḥ praco̱dayā̎t ||

oṃ śānti̱: śānti̱: śānti̍: ||

Diamond gemstone can be helpful to lessen the bad thing that has been happening in your life and thus reduces all the bad effects. It helps to draw all the love and happiness in your life. The stone further enhances strength, bravery, friendship, and protection against all kinds of illness and harm. The diamond is considered a sign of courage, victory, and strength which inspires people to get out of their comfort box and do something good. There is no doubt that it is one precious gemstone but certainly, its benefits have inspired and motivated many people to do good and get better success as well.

Positive benefits of this precious gemstone:

  • Physical Health is Rejuvenated:

Other than providing an evergreen amazing look, a natural diamond can give better health that a wearer had always been struggling with. As per the astrologers, a natural diamond offers some incredible cosmic vibes which can improve the overall health condition. Along with curing serious issues like asthma, liver, and throat disorders, this stone may seem colorless but offers better health and an improved digestive system too. Also to avail its benefits to a great extent, you might want to chant the mantra as shared below:

oṃ yaśchanda̍sāmṛṣa̱bho vi̱śvarū̍paḥ | chando̱bhyo’dhya̱mṛtā̎thsamba̱bhūva̍ |

sa mendro̍ me̱dhayā̎ spṛṇotu | a̱mṛta̍sya deva̱dhāra̍ṇo bhūyāsam |

śarī̍raṃ me̱ vica̍rṣaṇam | ji̱hvā me̱ madhu̍mattamā |

karṇā̎bhyā̱ṃ bhūri̱viśru̍vam | brahma̍ṇaḥ ko̱śo̎si me̱dhayā pi̍hitaḥ |

śru̱taṃ me̍ gopāya |

oṃ śānti̱: śānti̱: śānti̍: ||

While chanting this mantra wear free clothes and have this ring with the gemstone in your hand. Do it with complete peace and positivity and sees how well yous start getting positive differences within yourself.

Chanting this mantra and wearing this ring at the same time can help to improvise your overall health in a much better way. it can treat many human body organs like lips, jaws, and also skin-related issues. You can wear this gemstone in form of an earring, ring, or even bracelet or any such jewelry item in the right way. This way all the negatives around you will wave off while the evil eye effects will be far from you. It also gives the Venus natives a physical and mental health

Help you deal with Emotions

Diamonds are considered one of the most powerful stones that offer positivity. if you are an emotional person then wearing this stone can benefit you to a great extent. Venus is considered the planet of emotions and love. Since it is associated with diamonds, it can enhance the positive characteristics of Venus through thoughts. It also makes sure inner feelings are well evoked by the person.

 Natural diamonds are considered one fine option to strengthen the wearer’s mind. Also, it makes sure you get better power and strength to deal with all kinds of problems around you. Other than adding up the glitter to your appearance, you can wear it in a natural way which can encourage your generous thoughts while eliminating fearful thoughts and also wave off evil.

Enhances the Spiritual Benefits

If you wear this kind of gemstone in the right way then all its positive benefits can be availed in a much better way. It can improve, change and even control every aspect of your life. that is why see to it that you do it with complete positivity. Natural diamonds can encourage the wearer to act with some great deeds. It also states the divine bliss of feelings and acclimation. Heera which is another name for a diamond can help the owner to eliminate all the risks and uncertainties of life with complete positivity. If you want to get the inferiority complex out of your life then you must consider wearing this gemstone. It can offer spirituality and good sense and also bring immortality with you. Diamond can also foster the ultimate owner power which is the universe lord of life. for people who are quite creative such as musicians, actors, and even authors, this decimation can work as a wonder and acts like a panacea.

Also, you can chant the given mantra to get the better benefits of this amazing gemstone. make sure you wear fresh clothes and meditate completely while chanting. if the focus becomes the trouble then you can chant in the quiet surroundings without any interruption.

Om Sarveshaam Svastir-Bhavatu |

Sarveshaam Shaantir-Bhavatu |

Sarveshaam Purnam-Bhavatu |

Sarveshaam Mangalam-Bhavatu |

Om Shaanti Shaanti Shaanti ||

The above mantra is easy to recite and it does not take much time as well. But you need to believe in the mantra and power of this gemstone so the effects that you are hoping will happen in your life will take place without any hassle at all.

Positivity with better confidence

One of the crucial things that many people still have to deal with is confidence. You never know how it will get affected in the future but if you want to make sure your level of caffeine stays boosted up then wearing this gemstone can be helpful. if you feel under confident while speaking to someone or while sharing your thoughts in front of a huge crowd then wear this gemstone. it can give you positive vibes and ensure the fear that grows within you unnecessarily will get killed off without any problem. this gemstone is not just known for providing royalty and beauty but also is a confidence booster.

It has the ability to give an individual a better strength to speak their heart out. Since it has Venus traits, you must wear this authentic diamond to boost your confidence. It can also be one fine piece of advice for financial investment and work as the luxury, classiness, grace, and sophistication status symbol. A diamond which is also called the real Heera can give you prosperity and guidance at every step when you feel anxious or fearful.

Provide Wealth

Diamond is one well-known money stone that holds huge importance. As per Vedic astrology, it is also related to the Venus planet which is the planet of wealth and the Lord Shukra. that is why it is an aligned gemstone known as the money gemstone. it is primarily used for enhancing the properties of Venus planet. Diamond benefits a good number of profits when it is worn in the metal gold. People often consider white gold but you can also choose white gold as a personal choice and for lasting durability. As per the experts, if you want to avail positive benefits then you must wear a diamond on your middle finger or the little finger of the right hand. If you are wearing other jewelry made of diamond then see to it, that it touches your body.

Also, given is the mantra that you can chant for a better outcome. It is easy to recite and upon chanting while wearing this rung, you will notice the difference in less possible time. The mantra is

Om dyauh shanti rantariksham shantihi

Prithvi shantirapah shantih Oshadhayah shantihi ||

Vanaspatayah shantirvishvedevaah shantirbrahma shantihi

Sarvam shantihi, Shantireva shantihi Saa maa shantiredhi ||


With the help of the best possible mantras shared and the benefit of the gemstone stated above, it should not be a challenge for you to actually try wearing it. After all, it offers nothing but the best things in your life. Take a chance and invest in a real diamond and see how your life changes in a good way.

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