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Benefits Of Wearing Yellow sapphire Topaz Stone – Pukhraj Gemstone For Brihaspati – Astrology Support

Yellow sapphire also called a Jupiter stone is one of the auspicious yet important stones among the nine gems. As per the Hindu scriptures, this precious stone from Navratna’s is quite superior in different ways. It is also popular with the name Push Raja, Pushkaraj, and ‘Pukhraj’ stone. If you are planning or have been advised to use this stone and you are a little dicey on whether it can actually give any benefits then certainly you are at the right place. When it comes to making a good choice among the precious gemstones available, you need to go with the one which actually has ample benefits and matches your horoscope.

Discover more about the Yellow sapphire:

Yellow sapphire in other words the Pukhraj Stone is considered to hold some great planets of the planet Jupiter. Jupiter is one of the biggest and heavy planets in our solar system. That is why it is considered to hold a distinctive power to the yellow sapphire as compared to other precious stones. It may seem to be expensive but as you start using it, you will understand the reason behind its power and popularity. Here are some benefits mentioned for your better understanding. And to avail of these benefits, you might want to chant a few mantras like the one shared below.

Om Sarveshaam Svastir-Bhavatu |

Sarveshaam Shaantir-Bhavatu |

Sarveshaam Purnam-Bhavatu |

Sarveshaam Mangalam-Bhavatu |

Om Shaanti Shaanti Shaanti ||

The reason why you should chant such a mantra when wearing yellow Sapphire is that it makes the gemstone even more powerful than before. The moment you are done with the mantra chant, you would find yourself calmer and at peace. Besides, your desires will start getting fulfilled and you will have much better calmness too. It is easy to chant and doesn’t have any kind of negative effects on others. Besides, it can even protect you against any sort of evil eye and thus keep you contended and happy.

How impactful is Yellow Sapphire:

As said, Jupiter is associated with the yellow sapphire stone and hence it can have a great effect on your life if that falls in your horoscope. The rays that are emitted by the Jupiter planet begin to evolve and get in your frame for positive effects. This way it enhances the expression and mind. Major people often put on a stone on their ring finger with the aim to improve their popularity and get better success. However, there are many benefits of this stone beyond success. It can satisfy you with a good marital life and help you achieve better wealth in your career too. If you are studying, your mental power and focus also get improved.

As per Hindu mythology, there are different professions like enterprise, training, and law for which such gemstones can be helpful. Also, a sign like Capricorn and Gemini are advised to not wear such stones at all.

Yellow Sapphire benefits that you must know

It is believed that yellow sapphire is one of the four-leaf clover gemstones for many people. It has ample advantages. If you keep this gemstone at home or even cash box, there are high chances for you to get the wealth back. Further, given are some other benefits that you can know:

Better growth in success and career:

If you had been struggling to settle down with your carer and you are not able to find a way out then start wearing this gemstone. You will see its power right after you get better career opportunities. This gemstone is magical in its own way. Further, you might want to chant the mantra shared below:

Om dyauh shanti rantariksham shantihi

Prithvi shantirapah shantih Oshadhayah shantihi ||

Vanaspatayah shantirvishvedevaah shantirbrahma shantihi

Sarvam shantihi, Shantireva shantihi Saa maa shantiredhi ||

Career and success often get more challenges because of the increased competition. And if you are amongst those unlucky people who try hard to get success but still fail then you can consider wearing yellow sapphire. It is not just helpful for improving your career but upon choosing a good path, you will have better success and more opportunities your way. The above mantra can make this stone use even more powerful and you will see the results for a very long time.

Better Finance:

For people who have been struggling with finance can surely have a good way to earn money they have lost or money which they had wanted to save. With the help of Pukhraj, you can earn all the money that you had desired. it plays a crucial role to attain mental peace that can also lead to making the decision a better way and resolving behavior while working. Further, you can also chant the mantra that can boost up the power to gain success and money in a better way. This mantra is easy to chant and no doubt if you do with good focus and better care, you can better succeed too.

oṃ  yaśchanda̍sāmṛṣa̱bho vi̱śvarū̍paḥ | chando̱bhyo’dhya̱mṛtā̎thsamba̱bhūva̍ |

sa mendro̍ me̱dhayā̎ spṛṇotu | a̱mṛta̍sya deva̱dhāra̍ṇo bhūyāsam |

śarī̍raṃ me̱ vica̍rṣaṇam | ji̱hvā me̱ madhu̍mattamā |

karṇā̎bhyā̱ṃ bhūri̱viśru̍vam | brahma̍ṇaḥ ko̱śo̎si me̱dhayā pi̍hitaḥ |

śru̱taṃ me̍ gopāya |

oṃ śānti̱: śānti̱: śānti̍: ||

oṃ me̱dhāde̱vī ju̱ṣamā̍ṇā na̱ āgā̎dvi̱śvācī̍ bha̱drā su̍mana̱syamā̍nā |

tvayā̱ juṣṭā̍ nu̱damā̍nā du̱ruktā̎n bṛ̱hadva̍dema vi̱dathe̍ su̱vīrā̎:

No more mental stress

Yellow Sapphire can also be known for reducing mental stress. There is a high chance that if you ever had an emotional outbreak this stone can actually support you with its healing power. The stone is good for people with mental stress,s depression, and anxiety as it has natural healing effects and is quite powerful in its own way.

Better development of overall health:

These days we live a sedentary lifestyle that actually has made everything challenging. Now be that to go on a regular workout, eat healthy food or have a better sleep. But wearing this gemstone can help you to a great extent as it improves health, mental peace, and overall body. The energy supplies literally have the scope to electrify the people which make it quite worthy to attain better goals. The individual can do the work with better dedication and happiness and of course, the results would just be amazing.

Maintains relationship

Yellow sapphire brings prosperity and there is no doubt if you have been struggling to maintain a good relationship with loved ones, this gemstone can help. You can have better communication with your partner while the understanding level with others would improve too. The focus it gives helps you make good choices when it comes to making friends. It also can prove to be a blissful asset for people who want to have a happy marital life. Further chanting the given below mantra can also make the relationship between the couples better and stronger.

Om Namah Shivaya॥

Om Tryambakam Yajamahe Sugandhim Pushti-Vardhanam

Urvarukamiva Bandhanan Mrityormukshiya Mamritat॥

Om Tatpurushaya Vidmahe Mahadevaya Dhimahi

Tanno Rudrah Prachodayat॥

You might want to avail better benefits out of this incredible gemstone but you need to be positive and have the faith in using it too. This may seem to be one of the best options that are available for better success but your hard luck is important too. Give yourself a better chance and have good power with the help of such a valuable gemstone. It will surely bring more success in your life and maintain your personal relationships too. Use it and chant the mantras as suggested above and experience the positive difference which it offers in a better way.

Pukhraj also popular by the name Yellow Sapphire Stone is found in different countries like Russia, Brazil, and Sri Lanka. It is considered to be a gemstone that brings prosperity and wealth. It is commonly extracted from Burma country which is said to offer the best quality natural gemstone. Next time if you are keen to purchase such quality gemstones for yourself or your loved ones, make sure you keep a budget ready and don’t compromise on the quality at all. This gemstone is found under the rock called Pukhraj granite which is also found in the crevices of the volcanic mountains. you can wear this gemstone in gold metal for a better outcome.


With the above clarity about the Yellow sapphire benefits, it should not be a hassle for you o make a choice on why this gemstone must be considered. Using this gemstone will help you get not just lasting results but you will have a better chance in your personality. You will be calm, and confident and can have good financial and career growth too. Chant the above mantras as suggested while wearing this stone be it as an earring or pendant or ring and you can have better results. Irrespective of what runs in your mind, all your negative thoughts will come to an end the moment you wear them. Choose a good location from where you can buy a genuine stone and avail the best advantages from it.


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