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Birth Chart Analysis by Date of Birth

The birth chart in Astrology, as well known as a “natal chart,” recreates a glimpse of a star at one’s accurate beginning of its existence using the precise timeline, duration, and placement of one’s birth. The above spherical dataset includes each of the planetary systems and astronomical bodies recorded in astrology, as well as the zodiac they occupied.

The birth chart, also known as the astrology chart, is a zodiac diagram used to forecast a person’s destiny. A birth chart requires the individual’s name and date of birth, duration, and location. When predicting the future, a professional astrologer considers the birth specifics, arrangement, and situation of planetary systems and zodiacs with one’s birth chart. The above chart displays the planet’s perspectives as well as zodiacal locations somewhere at the time of birth, which is then estimated to analyze different aspects.

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|| Aum dyauh śāntirantarikṣaṁ śāntiḥ

pṛthivī śāntirāpaḥ śāntiroṣadhayaḥ śāntiḥ

vanaspatayaḥ śāntirviśvedevāḥ śāntirbrahma śāntiḥ

sarvaṁ śāntiḥ śāntireva śāntiḥ

sā mā śāntiredhi

Aum śāntiḥ, śāntiḥ, śāntiḥ ||

The Significance of a Birth Chart

Making a birth chart is an essential task to finish just after a child has been born. This assists one of these in dealing with multiple difficulties and hurdles in daily existence, so it contains treatments as well as solutions to a wide range of difficulties. Indian Vashikaran Guru examines its significance or how it plays an unrivaled influence in future forecasting:

  • A birth chart can be utilized to compare the star signs of a wedding couple for matrimonial considerations. Any fortunate ceremony matters of marriage occur within Hinduism before aligning the birth charts and determining the gunas. This also provides details for one’s marriage relationships, life partner, overall comprehension individuals two possess, and potential problems.
  • A person’s birth chart charts their daily difficulties, problems, possibilities, and a lot more. This indicates what kinds of difficulties await them as well as how to cope with the toughest moments.
  • It walks you across your qualities, tendencies, flaws, as well as strengths, that comprise your character and personality and expose your authentic identity.
  • Anyone can use the birth chart to forecast having a good professional career, entrepreneurship, economics, prosperity, and finance, along with how advantageous or adverse the scenarios will be while choosing financial choices.
  • A birth chart indicates the best personal choices for a successful and progressive future. This identifies the profession that will perfectly suit one’s attempts and reasoning skills.
  • A birth chart reveals information regarding one’s educational life, creative thinking, enemies, illnesses, and kids. Learn about one’s educational excellence, one’s enemies and adversaries, one’s health outcomes, and more.

|| Om Shanti Om ||


|| Om Namah Shivay ||

How to get the Birth Chart

Indian Vashikaran Guru says that in the past, just one method for calculating a birth chart would be handmade, with a tape measure as well as an “endowments” desk. Fortunately, humans nowadays have astrology operating systems that can calculate an entire birth chart within less than a minute.

To get an accurate birth chart, the Indian Vashikaran Guru says that, you’ll need to have the date, duration, as well as location of birth to access a birth chart (whether that’s yours or someone else’s). However, remember that perhaps the birth chart is a potentially confidential graphical portrayal that appears to require precise data. This same birth chart changes dramatically every 3 minutes or more than that, so having a specific moment of birth is critical, approximations or forecasts could indeed (and will) affect the results. Before estimating, it is ideal to double-check the details with the use of date of birth, baby book, or family.

|| Antarjami purakh bidhate sardha man ki pure

Nanak das ihai sukh magai mo kao kar santan ki dhure ||

How to understand the Birth Chart

Recognize The Rising Sign:

The very first process in interpreting the birth chart is to determine the ascendant symbol. A first house figure means the resident’s rising or ascendant sign. Celestial bodies are represented by numbers to predict the future (1-12) as well as houses by roman figures in a birth chart (I-XII). Henceforth,

  • Aries is indicated by the number 1.
  • Taurus is indicated by the number 2.
  • Gemini is indicated by the number 3.
  • Cancer is indicated by the number 4.
  • Leo is indicated by the number 5.
  • Virgo is indicated by the number 6.
  • Libra is indicated by the number 7.
  • Scorpio is indicated by the number 8
  • Sagittarius is indicated by the number 9.
  • Capricorn is indicated by the number 10.
  • Aquarius is indicated by the number 11.
  • Pisces is indicated by the number 12.

According to Indian Vashikaran Guru on this birth chart, the Ascendant or Rising sign is Aries, posited in the 1st house.

|| Om Sarveshaam

Svastir-Bhavatu |

Sarvesham Shantir-Bhavatu |

Sarveshaam Purnam-Bhavatu |

Sarveshaam Mangalam-Bhavatu|

Om Shaanti Shaanti Shaanti ||

Acknowledging the Importance of the Houses:

A birth chart contains 12 houses, which also represent numerous components of the native’s daily existence as well as individual characteristics, preferences, and functionalities. As a consequence, any planet or sign positioned in a house impacts its variables and determines as a result. Even though noted previously, the Indian Vashikaran Guru explains the roman numerals represent this same house number, as well as its variables as continues to follow:

  • 1st house: Individual, identification, and personal features.
  • 2nd House: Finances, belongings, and beliefs
  • 3rd House: Colleagues, interactions, and family members.
  • 4th all use: Residence, parents, ancestors
  • 5th House: Kids, romance, and imagination
  • 6th House: Wellness, well-being, and habits.
  • 7th House: Partnership, contracts, and marriage.
  • 8th House: Estates, physical intimacy, and transition.
  • 9th House: An ideology, travel, and education.
  • 10th House: Professional life, heritage, and prestige.
  • 11th House: Social movements, innovation, and humanism.
  • 12th House: Instinct, secret plans, and divinity.

|| Aum Bhur Bhuvah Swah,

Tat Savitur Varenyam

Bhargo Devasya Dhimahi,

Dhiyo Yo Nah Prachodayat ||

Determine the nine planets in your birth chart:

Indian Vashikaran Guru emphasizes that the birth chart manages to capture and provides a graphical depiction of the situation of planets and celestial bodies at the time of your birth. As a result, while learning to interpret a birth chart, it is crucial to comprehend this same abbreviated aspect of planets referenced in the chart as well as their relevance.

The Planets: Each planet and constellation entity with an astrological sign is represented by a pictogram. The placement of these planets in your birth chart (which house the planets ultimately control) uncovers how one‘s energy manifests in one’s life. The planets affiliated with every planet, as well as ways to distinguish their sign, along with their abbreviated names and Vedic significance:

The Sun: Ruler, energy and life source, leader of all planets, machismo.

The Moon: Real thoughts, the feminine in existence, intelligence, reproductive capacity, and sharp mind.

The Mercury: Speaking, interaction, calculation, wit, and intelligence.

The Mars: Siblings with boldness, enthusiasm, muscular stamina, short-tempered, confronting, and brave.

The Venus: Materialism gratification, love, romance, glamour, entertainment, relationship, companionship, and art.

The Jupiter: Divinity, postsecondary learning, and investigations.

The Saturn: Estate, premises, private, misfortune, dedication, grief, reputation, title, and stardom.

Rahu: Foreign people, foreign travel, grandparents, stealing, betting, drinking, over-ambition, untreated health issues, loss of public image.

The Ketu: Relatives, spirituality, prejudices, and devices.

|| Om Asato Ma SadGamaya

Tamaso Ma Jyotir Gamaya

Mrityor Ma Amritam Gamaya

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti ||

Understand the Zodiac Signs in the Birth Chart:

As Indian Vashikaran Guru explained, now that readers understand what the planets do, readers should also know what zodiac sign they are in. Essentially, the zodiac sign represents how well the planet carries out its objective. Unless Venus is all about value systems and passion, Venus in Gemini, the airy zodiac sign, would then convey itself across inquisitiveness, interaction, and performance. If Venus would be in the mystical Scorpio, this will benefit concentration, strength, and complexity. Here’s all the information below regarding all the Zodiac Signs:

  • Aries: Brave, enthusiastic, spontaneous.
  • Taurus: Honesty, responsibility, expedience.
  • Gemini: Curious, communication, recreation.
  • Cancer: Sensitivity, safety, imaginativeness.
  • Leo: Performance, motivation, dignity.
  • Virgo: industrialization, hierarchy, practicality.
  • Libra: Balance, peace, righteousness.
  • Scorpio: Intensity, strength, profundity.
  • Sagittarius: Adventure, expedition, finding.
  • Capricorn: Ambition, obligation, achievement.
  • Aquarius: Innovation, revolution, Philanthropic.
  • Pisces: Imagination, memory, enchantment.


Indian Vashikaran Guru thoroughly explained all the procedures and basic information of the analysis of the Birth Chart using one’s date of birth. The more one practices, the stronger their capacity to formulate powerful astrological understandings will become, therefore don’t be reluctant to experiment with fiction and brave findings. Most pertinently, recognize to move at your pace, which includes everything astrological. One would then comprehend when one is supposed to and not one moment later. Believe in the procedure.

Users can understand and peruse a birth chart if users adhere to these steps. Even though there are numerous specifics to consider when assessing a birth chart, by continuing to follow the mentioned steps, readers can gain a rapid as well as a comprehensive understanding of one’s existence.

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