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 Everyone wants that someone love them unconditionally and make their life happy. They want their relationship or marriage is free from any evil’s eye. There should be no complications or problems in their married life. But problems come without informing and they create a big mess in a good relationship. Sometimes negative people or things also affect the relationship. You have to keep your relationship safe from all these people. The solution for love problem required many solutions and it can be resolved through many stones and crystals. It depends on the ability of an astrologer that what they want to provide to the people and how they treat them.

Some people have better stars around their ruling planet which make their mindset good and think to solve the problems of the people and make them stress-free and also astrological advice can be fruitful. Wondering how astrological advice can help the people and they get benefited. As per the Pandit Kapil Sharma, if the right crystals are used on time while chanting some mantras from the bottom of your heart then they can help you in attracting the love in your marriage or relationship.

Crystals for love and astrology – How are they connected

Crystals for love and astrology

Love is an amazing feeling which everyone wants to feel it and deserve a good partner who loves them unconditionally. They cared a lot of their partners and understand their emotions and fulfill all their wishes. No one can live without love as it completes the person and bring happiness in their lives. The successful relationship is only obtained because of the planetary combination and position which can affect the decisions that you take in your relationship. You should understand that crystals, mantras can make your relationship better. It helps you in attracting the love. These things are not just for name. They have deep meaning and improve the life of each people. Pandit Kapil Sharma advises that chanting some powerful mantras as the one shared below can have a positive impact. With astrology power, you can get the right partner and make your love ignite and increase your trust level. This way, you get much better clarity about your relationship and thus you can understand well about your partner.

Attracting Love with the help of Astrologer

Attracting Love with the help of AstrologerFor attracting your love, astrology requires proper prediction by proper reading of your birth chart and all the right information about you. Everyone has their own birth chart according to their birth date and time. Each planet plays a significant role in each person’s life. You should understand the importance of love and never cheat your partner because it is not good breaks someone’s heart.

Not everyone gets true love in their life but if you get then you should respect it. You should respect your partner and your relationship which you get from the grace of God. With the right person you can enjoy every moment of your life and they make you feel special. If love is lost somewhere then you should bring it back in your life. You should always generate the spark in your relationship. There should be no involvement of any other person in your relationship. You should always respect and trust your partner. There are some remedies given by Pandit Kapil Sharma for attracting the love such as –

  1. You should visualize your loved one and if you keep thinking about your partner then you get the right one.
  2. You should complement your partner surprisingly and make them feel special.
  3. You should start loving yourself first before loving someone else because if you don’t love yourself then you can’t love anyone.
  4. You should watch romantic movies and songs for understand the importance of love.
  5. You should read some books for understanding love.
  6. You should clear your vision about the love life with your partner.
  7. You should keep yourself calm in the relationship and for that you should do meditation because anger can ruin your relationship.
  8. You should spend some more time with your partner.
  9. You should make special things for them and try to spend more quality time with them.
  10. You should go on romantic dates and express your feelings to them.
  11. You should start worshiping Lord Shiva for attracting your love. He helps you in getting your love quickly and chant the mantra “Om Namah Shivaya”.

Love Attraction: Get expert astrology solutions

Love Attraction: Get expert astrology solutionsThe astrologer resolved the issue of attracting the love. They understand the importance of love and resole all the issues of the people on time. They are make the people understand about the love and increase their trust level regarding their partner. They guide the people for attracting the love in their life. You should love your partner from deep to your heart which brings positive feelings inside you. They provide various mantras and crystals for attracting the love.

Om Kama Devaya Vidhmahe, Pushpa Vanaya Dheemahe,

Thanno Kama Prachodayath

This mantra help in enhancing sexual energy, charm, and sustain and attract passionate and loving relationship.

Sarva Mangala Mangalye Sive Sarvartha Sadhike

Saranye Trayanbike Gauri Narayani Namostute

This mantra is good for blessings in your love life.

Om Udda Maheshvray Sarv Jagmohanay

This mantra makes your relationship stronger.


Ganesha Mantra

|| Om Gan Ganpataye Namah ||

This mantra helps you in getting yourself positive while attracting your loved one. Make sure when you start chanting these mantras you wear fresh clothes and do it with complete positivity in mind.

You should not hurt your partner otherwise it creates a negative impact on their mind and heart. You should concentrate on your relationship and with the help of crystals you can attract the love more. With the help of crystals, your partner will never leave you and no misunderstandings or problem occurs in your relationship. You should start taking extra care and provide love to your partner. You should always give a spark in your relationship.

Crystals for attracting love

When you love someone deeply then you want that person at any cost and spend your life with them. Sometimes, it takes some time to make your partner understand about your feelings. There are many crystals which help you in attracting the love. With the right use of these crystals, you can attract the love and express your feelings to them.

Rose Quartz – This crystal is responsible for unconditional love. It is a great crystal for the starting of romance and brings love in your life. This crystal works in all forms whether you are broken from your loved one or you want to love more to your partner.

Green Aventurine – This crystal is responsible for bring the romance back in your life. It brings passion in your love life and makes your relationship stronger. It helps in getting the love of your partner back in your life. It resolves all the issues in the relationship.

Pink Topaz – This crystal has different kind of power and color and provides positive energy in the relationship. It helps you in finding the right partner in your life. This crystal helps you in keeping away from the negative people.

Ruby – This crystal is responsible for heavy and hot romance in the relationship. It brings a confidence and power in the relationship. It increased sexual energy and desire in the couples.

Amethyst – This crystal is responsible for self-love and does not make your confidence shaken. It helps you loving your partner deeply without any negative things.

Red Jasper – If your love gets dull then it brings spark in it. It brings passion in your love and reignite the spark. It encourages the people to love their partner unconditionally.

You should wear these crystals according to the advice of an astrologer otherwise it can make a bad impact on your relationship. You should make the love first priority and try to not cheat your partner. You should love your partner and make them proud for choosing you as their partner. You should give first priority to your partner and understand their feelings for you. You should not neglect their pain and love which they are feeling and share you is each emotion with them. People are doing struggle for getting true love but not everyone get it.

If these crystals are not working properly for getting your love then there could be many possible reasons behind it. You should become strong and try to find out the right reason behind it. You can take the help of the right person who guide you about the right path for making your love attract towards you.

The mantra that can be very helpful:

Karagre Vasate Lakshmi Kara Madhye Saraswati

Karamooletu Govinda Prabhate Kara Darshanam

You should choose the right path for attracting love and by chanting this mantra you can become successful in your life and no problem should occur in your relationship. If you are still facing any problems then you can meet with Pandit Kapil Sharma and take their advice.

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