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Although you trust in the potent qualities that crystals contain or not, there is no harm in having them scattered about your house in the unlikely event that they provide your family with protection from evil spirits.

  • Your house should be a haven of love, joy, and health since it is a holy place for both you and your family.
  • Healing crystals may make our houses into an even more uplifting healing retreat, which is often considered just a getaway from the hectic world we live in.
  • The wonderful part about the helpful crystals is that using them doesn’t even require you to be an expert in healing crystals. You only need to be aware of their functions and their placement.
  • They had created a list of the gemstones that offer the finest advantages for home defense to impart this knowledge to you.
  • You’re in the perfect place whether you want to discover more or fill your house with crystals!
  1. Black Obsidian

Maybe the most well-known crystal on this list is the first one. The Black Obsidian crystal, which is sometimes confused for Black Onyx, is employed as a protective force in houses all over the world.

The bad energy in the house is effectively mopped up by this lovely, smooth black crystal. It also provides excellent psychological protection.

You may cleanse your crystal to rejuvenate its good energy and enable it to expunge more bad energy by holding it under streams and rivers once a week. Black Obsidian crystals, which are made from molten lava, are always intriguing to view in any house.

  1. Black Tourmaline

Another incredibly popular gemstone for home protection is black tourmaline. Like the Black Obsidian stone, which primarily shields your house from bad energy, Black Tourmaline is renowned for being an excellent defense against psychic attacks.

The gemstone cleanses energy and changes its vibrations into lighter ones. This assists in dispelling bad energy, particularly that emanating from Television screens and kitchen equipment.

Quartz that has been tourmaline can sometimes be found with Black Tourmaline stones. These Black Tourmaline crystal shapes are said to provide defense against terrorist strikes.

  1. Agate

The agate stone is a wise choice if you want to infuse your house with soothing energy. The stone, also known as Blue Lace Agate, promotes amazing serenity and enhanced communication when worn as a throat chakra.

Because of the stone’s smoothness, it also has a lot to offer in terms of reducing tension and promoting relaxation.You may anticipate the sweetest night’s sleep and a better stream of conversation at night when put on a brown wood or under your pillow.

  1. Rose Quartz

This crystal, which is often referred to as the “love stone,” is drenched in a soothing, loving energy that encourages compassion to spread throughout your house.

Placing Rose Quartz about the house may be helpful if you sense tension there or think a storm is about to develop. The crystal will assist everyone in your home to feel more loving, which will cause them to be more accepting of one another.

The crystal accomplishes this by bringing trust, compassion, and empathy into every corner of the house. It’s OK to move your wasp’s nest back into your favorite place of love, set this gem in various locations, or just wear it as a pendant.

  1. Smoky Quartz

Every next therapeutic crystal on this list has a remarkable bond with the ground, making it a stone that is very beneficial for coping with stress or getting through difficult times.

Many crystal devotees think that this crystal may relieve anxiety, promote relaxation, and lessen depressive symptoms. These characteristics enable the crystal to give houses a considerably more upbeat and tranquil feeling.

Moreover, Smoky Quartz has a reputation for neutralizing any Geopathic stress brought on by subterranean disturbances. This comprises electricity lines, negative soil lines, and negative energy created by water.

  1. Lapis Lazuli

Sleeping problems? Why don’t you think about putting a Lapis Lazuli crystal inside your bedroom The bedroom is a fantastic place to keep lapis lazuli stones since they encourage restful sleep and happy dreams.

The Lapis Lazuli crystal does this by affecting your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels. Throughout the process, it is said that the crystal resolves pain, harmonizes any tensions, and fosters listening skills.

It has a bright blue hue and is a favored stone of individuals looking for strength. Individually, we like to put this stone beneath the pillow or next to the bed.

  1. Citrine

This sun-colored crystal can be perfect if you want to bring unending light into your life and the lives of your family members. This crystal is a bright jewel that instantly improves moods and fosters good thinking throughout the house. It is luscious like a Sicilian lemon.

The Citrine crystal not only delivers positive energy but also a lot of luck that will come right to your door.

It’s a crystal that should absolutely include in your winter décor as the temperature drops and the house grows darker since it brings a lovely dose of D into the house.

  1. Clear quartz

Clear quartz aids with attention, memory improvement, and distraction filtering. Also, it eliminates harmful electric energy while introducing more uplifting energy.

If there are children or students residing in a house, these advantages are quite helpful.

The crystal aids students and schoolchildren in maintaining more concentration, improving learning retention, and avoiding pointless diversions that would typically result in several issues.

  1. Red Jasper

The Red Jasper is the next gemstone on our list. The Red Jasper gemstone provides the house with a significant increase in organization and the capacity for people to complete duties.

The Red Jasper crystal’s capacity to filter out electromagnetic, radiation, and environmental pollutants are one of the major reasons crystal lovers like it.

The Red Jasper stone will purge any impurities or negative energy and substitute them with quieter, more uplifting feelings. It’s also believed that the Red Jasper stone might improve our ability to remember our dreams, which is a neat bonus.

  1. Amethyst

A crystal with a crushed purple color and a silver crown shape that resembles a chakra makes amethyst one of the gemstones that are most immediately recognized. Among the most cherished gems, it promotes heavenly energy and calm thoughts.

Amethyst stones are all about letting go of unpleasant emotions like tension and worry and replacing them with feelings of serenity, strength, and strong spiritual ties.

The Amethyst rock is the finest option if you wish to accept your spiritual path or develop your psychic contacts.

  1. Carnelian

A house is filled with warming, love, and brilliant energy thanks to this flaming, warm gemstone. You can count on this gem to inspire you at every turn while also filling your house with laughter and feelings of self-worth.

Many shamans and crystal enthusiasts concur that the southern side of your home is the greatest location for this crystal. This is where you open the door to abundance. Keep the stone on your home’s west side if you want it to have more imaginative qualities.

  1. Pyrite

Pyrite is a powerful crystal that is frequently referred to as the “Golden nugget of good fortune” and can assist your prosperity increase. Your luck may improve with this stone in terms of prosperity, health, or even just having clean ideas.

This crystal, which is a sparkling jewel with a golden hue, is an expert in directing unfavorable energy in that direction. Pyrite will substitute a beautiful sensation of optimism and well-being for those unfavorable feelings.

Pyrite may be put everywhere in the house,but it works best for enhancing originality and flashes of genius when it is kept out of home offices and studios and placed in the more sociable sections of the house.

  1. Selenite

The glossy spar stone known as selenite is the last crystal on our list. Selenite’s function is to clear away any negative energy and blockages while also adding glitter and vitality to your house.

Warm, joyful sentiments that give us the impression that we’re floating among the clouds take the place of depressing and damp energy.

The Selenite stone will always provide you with the brightness and warmth you require whenever your environment feels gloomy and depressing. A few Selenite stones placed throughout your home are a terrific idea and a pleasant touch to any space.

Jo jonindkarai in grihankee
Tis aagaiheemaaraikartaar
Nanak daastaakeesaranaa-ee
Jaa ko shabadakhandapaar

OM trayambakamyajamahesugandhimpustivardhanam

Uruvarukamivabandhananmrtyormuksiyamamrtat ।।

“Om BhurBhuvahSwaha

Tat SaviturVarenyam


Yonah Prachodyat”

“ Om Sham Shanishcharaya Namah”

Om Sat-Chit-Ananda Parabrahma,


Sri BhagavatiSametha,

Sri Bhagavathe Namah”

“Om Oohrijitaaya Namah”

“Om SarvaSwarupeSarveshe, Sarva Shakti Samanvite

BhayeBhyashtraahi No Devi, Durge Devi, Namostute.”

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