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Which Crystals resolve love marriage problem – Astrology Support

Love is a very wonderful feeling but when any problems come in the relationship then it becomes bitter. You think that you choose the wrong partner but it’s not true. Sometimes, you select the right partner but the time or situation is not right. The solution for solving the problems of love marriage required lots of experience with right guidance and it can be resolved through right crystals also. The astrologer completely guides you correctly about these crystals and tells the major causes of problems in your relationship. It depends on the ability of an astrologer that what they want to provide to the people and how they treat them.

Some people have better stars around their ruling planet which make their mindset good and think to solve the problems of the people and make them stress-free and also astrological advice can be fruitful. Wondering how astrological advice can help the people and they get benefited. As per the Pandit Kapil Sharma, if the right crystals are used on time while chanting some mantras from the bottom of your heart then they can remove all the problems from resolving the issues from your love marriage.

Solutions for love marriage problem and astrology – How are they connected

Love is a wonderful feeling which everyone feels once in their life. They completely think about their partner and make sure to not hurt their loved ones. But sometimes, due to bad effects or negativity problems arises and it creates a lot of hurdles in your marriage which takes your marriage to the divorce. But, divorce is not the right option. You should solve all the issues and try to understand the main problem of your relationship. The successful marriage is only obtained because of the planetary combination and position which can affect the decisions that you take in your married life.

Pandit Kapil Sharma advises that chanting some powerful mantras as the one shared below can have a positive impact. With astrology power, you can resolve all the issues of your love marriage and make your marriage better and increase your trust level. This way, you get much better clarity about your marriage and thus you can understand well about your partner.

Resolving Love Marriage Problems through by Astrologer

For resolving any problem in your love marriage, astrology requires proper prediction by proper reading of your birth chart. Everyone has their own birth chart according to their birth date and time. Astrologers read it in a proper manner and tell you about all the bad effects and things which are ruining your relationship. They provide remedies after reading your birth chart and try to build up your trust on your partner.

Not everyone gets true love in their life but if you get then you should respect it. You should respect your partner and your marriage which you get from the grace of God. Love marriage is your own decision and you should respect your decision. With the right person you can enjoy every moment of your life and they make you feel special. You should make the bad effects of problems on your married life otherwise you won’t survive. It not only affects your life but also the lives of other people. There are some strategies given by Pandit Kapil Sharma for solving the problems of your love marriage such as –

  1. You should surround yourself with people who are positive about their marriage and always motivated you about the love and marriage.
  2. Not everyone gets the love in their life easily. So, if you get it then you should live it completely and enjoy its every moment.
  3. You should give more priority to the happiness of your partner and try to understand them.
  4. You should try to spend some time with your partner. Do not involve much in your professional life and your children otherwise you partner feel neglected.
  5. If there are some problems then you should start it from starting and try to bring that love in your marriage again.
  6. Never take your partner for granted because they share a part of their life with you and make you feel special.
  7. Always pray for your partner and for your marriage because many negative things surround you easily which makes bad impact on you.
  8. If the problems are not resolved by you then you can get the counseling from the professionals and perform the things according to their guidance.
  9. If counseling is not working properly then you can take the astrological advice by Pandit Kapil Sharma.

Dealing with love marriage problems: Get expert astrology solutions

The astrologer should be experienced, trustable, and sophisticated so that people can easily tell their problems to them and they can find the right solution of their problems. It requires lot of handwork to find the right solution for resolving the issue of marriage whether it is love or arranged. It can also be solved with the help of right crystals so that no evil eye can curse your marriage.

Trayashari Mahamrityunjaya Mantra

You can chant this mantra of Lord Shiva which helps you in resolving the conflicts and maintain balance in your married life.

Om Mahayakshini Pati Mem Vashyam Kuru Kuru Swaha

This is another mantra of which removes all the stress from your married life.

Ganesha Mantra

|| Om Gan Ganpataye Namah ||

Make sure when you start chanting these mantras you wear fresh clothes and do it with complete positivity in mind.

Crystals for solving love marriage problems

When you love someone deeply and you don’t want to lose them then you do anything for making your relationship perfect. There are many bad things which can affect your marriage and many problems can occur in your life. You should keep calm and trust your partner and solve all the issues of your marriage.

Rose Quartz – This crystal is very precious and also known as pink sphatik or love stone. It is responsible for getting right life partner or your loved one back. It keeps away all the negativities and brings positivity in your married life. It helps in maintaining the trust on each other.

Ruby or Manik – The appearance of this crystal is very shining and it is very lucky for marriage and love. It is linked with Sun due to which it is known as the king of all the crystals. It help in making your marriage stronger and bring health, happiness, passion, prosperity, and enthusiasm in your life.

Moon Stone – It is also known as Chandrakant Mani. It removes all your issues from your married life and increase the trust level among each other. This decreases all the insecurities which you are feeling from your partner and make you calm.

Pearl or Moti – It is very famous as it is the symbol of love, purity, security, tenderness, compassion, and beauty. It removes all the stress from your married life and makes your nature calm. You should wear this crystal after the advice of an astrologer.

Yellow Sapphire – This crystal represents Jupiter. It provides happiness in the married life as it represents the relation of a father and son. It makes your married life calm and happy and make boost your confidence and make you intelligent. It provides a positive energy which protects you from negativity.

Opal – This crystal represents Venus and is the symbol of love, gentleness, and beauty. It increases the mutual understanding, coordination, and love in the married life. It is very attractive and presents the emotional level and removes all the insecurities and restlessness. It brings you close to your loved one.

Emerald or Panna – This crystal is very essential for marriage and love. It represents spiritual love and hope. It brings positivity in your married life and provides strength to it. It represents Mercury and controls the mind and help in developing intelligence. If there is any rift in your married life then you should wear this crystal. This help in communication with your partner.

Blue Topaz – This crystal is responsible for affection and love. It makes you strong emotionally, mentally, and physically. It reduce the level of anger and remove all your weakness and negativity from your marriage.

If you are not doing well in your love marriage with these crystals then there could be many possible reasons behind it. You should become strong and try to find out the right reason behind it. You should solve the problem quickly and try to clear all the misunderstandings without the involvement of third person. You can take the help of the right person who guide you about the right path for making your marriage correct.

The mantra that can be very helpful:

Karagre Vasate Lakshmi Kara Madhye Saraswati

Karamooletu Govinda Prabhate Kara Darshanam

You should choose the right path and by chanting this mantra you can become successful in your life and no problem can affect your love marriage. If you are still facing any problems then you can meet with Pandit Kapil Sharma and take their advice.

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