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Dhumavati Shatru Maran Shabar Mantra

Dhumavati is one of the Mahavidyas, a group of ten Tantric goddesses. Dhumavati represents the fearsome aspect of Devi, the Hindu Divine Mother. She is often portrayed as an old, ugly widow, and is associated with things considered inauspicious and unattractive in Hinduism, such as the crow and the Chaturmas period. The goddess is often depicted on a horseless chariot or riding a crow, usually in a cremation ground.

Dhumavati is said to manifest herself at the time of cosmic dissolution (pralaya) and is “the Void” that exists before creation and after dissolution. While Dhumavati is generally associated with only inauspicious qualities, her thousand-name hymn relates her positive aspects as well as her negative ones. She is often called tender-hearted and a bestower of boons. Dhumavati is described as a great teacher, one who reveals ultimate knowledge of the universe, which is beyond the illusory divisions, like auspicious and inauspicious. Her ugly form teaches the devotee to look beyond the superficial, to look inwards, and seek the inner truths of life.

Dhumavati is described as a giver of siddhis (supernatural powers), a rescuer from all troubles, and a granter of all desires and rewards, including ultimate knowledge and moksha (salvation). Her worship is also prescribed for those who wish to defeat their foes. Dhumavati’s worship is considered ideal for unpaired members of society, such as bachelors, widows, and world renouncers as well as Tantrikas. In her Varanasi temple, however, she transcends her inauspiciousness and acquires the status of a local protective deity. There, even married couples worship her. Although she has very few dedicated temples, her worship by Tantric ritual continues in private in secluded places like cremation grounds and forests.

Goddess Ma Dhumavati maintains the seventh significant position among all the ten Dus Mahavidya’s. She is often described in words or sketch as an old and ugly widow. Goddess Dhumavati’s sketch depicts an old woman causing extreme terror and tormented by great thirst and hunger. She is associated with things considered inauspicious and unattractive and is considered to possess’ great powers. The goddess is depicted to ride on a horseless chariot or riding a crow, usually in a cremation ground in the Chaturmas period.
Dhumavati is said to provide evidence for or stand as proof of cosmic dissolution and is “the state of nonexistence” that exists before creation and after dissolution. Ma Dhumavati’s sahastranaam (thousand-name hymn) relates her both positive and negative aspects. She is personification of the tamas gun which creates lust and ignorance. Ma teaches the sadhak to penetrate deep emotionally and intellectually to seek the inner truths of life. She expresses warmth and affectionate feeling & bestows boons.

How To Chant The Dhumavati Shatru Maran Shabar Mantra
This Dhumavati Shatru Maran Shabar Mantra is a very powerful mantra which can destroy the enemies very quickly.
Start the mantra on a no-moon night after 12 pm.
Wear black clothes and sit on a black asan.
Keep a lemon in front of you and write the name of enemy with a piece of coal on the lemon.
Lit 4 lamps in each direction.
Chant 21 rosaries of this mantra with Black Hakik mala.
After completion burn the coal and squeeze the lemon on that fire.
Throw that coal in the cremation ground on the next day.
Repeat the sadhna for 3 months.

Dhumavati Shatru Maran Shabar Mantra
धूं धूं धूमावती मसान में रहती मरघट जगाती सूप छानती
जोगनियों के संग नाचती डाकनियों के संग माँस खाती
मेरे बैरी का भी तू माँस खाय कलेजा खाए लहू पीये
प्यास बुझाय मेरे बैरी को तड़पा तड़पा मार ना मारे तो
तोहूँ माता पार्वती के सिंदूर की दुहाई कनीपा औघड़ की आन

Dhumavati Shabar Mantra
Dhum Dhum Dhumavati Masan Mein Rehti Marghat Jagati Soop Chaanti Joginiyon Ke Sang Nachti Dakiniyon Ke Sang Maans Khati Mere Bairi Ka Bhi Tu Maans Khay Kaleja Khay Lahoo Piye Pyas Bhujhay Mere Bairi Ko Tadpa Tadpa Maar Na Mare To Tohun Mata Paarvati Ke Sindoor Ki Duhai Kanipa Aughar Ki Aan

Maa Dhoomavati Puja Benefit
Mata Dhoomavati puja protects a person from the following:

  • black magic
  • curse done by others
  • sadness
  • grieve
  • great loss and misfortune
  • widowhood
  • death of children
  • disease
  • poverty

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