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Effective Remedies For Job Promotion – Astrology Support

Do you want to work? Or, maybe, astrological cures for finding work? If so, you’ll find this article to be very helpful. With the present state of affairs in mind, it is becoming much more challenging to advance in one’s existing position than get a new one. This is because your talents aren’t the only factor in being promoted in today’s competitive job market. For the same reasons, many qualified individuals miss out on promotions.

It’s frustrating to put in a lot of effort yet not get any return on it. A raise, increase, or promotion impacts a person psychologically, motivating them to perform better in all aspects of life, not just work. Both the company and the individual will flourish as a result.

All the encouragement in the world won’t help if he doesn’t receive the promotion he deserves. Now comes the ethical problem: if we don’t get promoted, should we remain working hard or look for a new job entirely? Both of the first choices are entirely up to you, but if you want our help getting a promotion at work, we’d be happy to suggest a third.

And to ensure you look the part, we’ve included several tried-and-true astrological treatments to help you rise in this article. Regarding career advancement, it’s no surprise that Vedic astrology offers solutions. If a planet is interfering with your career advancement, you may quickly rectify the situation using one of the online solutions. Indeed, astrological cures may aid a job seeker in securing employment. The treatments are so easy to implement that even if they are effective, you will still find the time to do so on your own. Because of this, astrologer shave become the go-to site for astrological advice in India.

How to use astrology to improve your chances of a promotion at work.

The first step for a native seeking a job promotion is to repeat mantras associated with the tenth house. If you need help finding a mantra to appease the tenth house and its lord, our astrologers would be happy to assist you.

When troublesome multiple planets enter the picture, the situation might worsen rapidly. If this occurs, a Navagraha Havan is the appropriate course of action. The native’s house is the proper location for the Havan.

If the native cannot do the Navagraha Havan, they should perform the Navagraha Abhishek in a temple. These two havans have dual benefits: they assist you in overcoming the negative influences of Rahu and Ketu and increase your chances of getting a promotion at work.

The following astrological cure for a promotion at work is to repeat the Gayatri or Surya Mantra —

“Aum PushneNamah”







“Om Hanumant Veer RakhoHadhDheer Karo Ye KaamVyapar Badhe Tantra Door Hoon Toona TooteGrahak Badhe Karaj SidhHoye Na HoyeTo Anjani Ki Duhai”

Ganpati mantras

Om GeemGoomGanpateNamahSwaha

Recite these mantras to get the best chances of job promotion.

If you’re unemployed and you want to get work, you should go to any Shani Mandir on a Saturday and burn an oil lamp. The recitation of the Shani Mantra is also recommended. Shani is the planet that most affects your ability to succeed in life, yet reciting the Shani Mantra may help mitigate its negative consequences.

If you’re a company owner who can’t seem to turn a profit, the VyaparVriddhi Yantra could be just what the doctor ordered. In addition to financial success, this yantra’s beneficial properties may end any financial difficulties you’re experiencing.

North is considered the most promising direction in a home or company from a Vastu Shastra perspective since it paves the way for success in one’s professional life. Because of this, it is essential to focus mainly on the north. Keep any water source facing north, whether in a vase, fountain, or fish tank. In addition, it will do wonders for your career if you post a photo with a lot of blue or black in it.

Voodoo dolls for a raise

Some astrological totkas for climbing the corporate ladder are provided below.

  1. Shani Dev Puja

Shani Dev, the Hindu god of karma, is said to bestow blessings on his worshippers following their merits. As a result, Lord Shani will reward you for your meritorious deeds or labors. If your efforts aren’t paying off in the form of the most incredible possible results—a promotion, in this case—you’ll want to try to appease Lord Shani. Lord Shani is most appeased on Saturdays. Here is how you should honor Shani Dev:

  • Every Saturday, at Brahma Muhurta, you should awake. Ask our astrologers if you’re curious.
  • Do your routine and end the day with a relaxing bath.
  • Observe all rites while worshipping Lord Shani, starting with a spotless pooja room. The Shani mantra may also be used.
  • You must also give away sesame, oil, and shadow pot in addition to reciting the Shani Mantra, which goes as follows: “Om Shri Shani Devaayah Namo Namh, Om Shri Shani Devaayah Shanti Bhavah, Om Shri Shani Devaayah Shubham Falh, Om Shri Shani DevaayahFalhPraptiFalh.”
  • Wearing a Seven MukhiRudraksha is said to improve one’s fortune in finding gainful employment.
  1. Honor the Sun God

In astrology, the Sun isthe “King of the Planets.” Sun, as a planet, determines your status in life. In addition, the Sun represents achievement and development. Therefore, it is crucial to worship Lord Sun on Sundays to advance your career. According to astrology, the following are some acceptable means of honoring the Sun:

  • Beginning with waking up early on Sundays (yeah, you heard that right, on Sundays).
  • The good news is that you may pray to the Sun Lord while nakedly gazing at the dawn sun after you shower.
  • Make it a routine to provide the Sun with a glass of water every morning throughout the week.
  • Put on a 12 MukhiRudraksha to get the favor of the Sun.
  • Do the Aditya HridayamStotra chant.
  • Installing a Surya Yantra and reciting the Surya Beej Mantra (Om Haran HreemHraumSahaSuryayNamah) in front of it is the ultimate astrological treatment for obtaining a promotion related to lord Sun.

3) Honor the God Hanuman

Sankat Mochan Hanuman, more often referred to as Lord Hanuman, is a powerful deity who may assist you in overcoming a wide range of difficulties. If you haven’t been able to go forward in the company or if your pay has remained the same for a time, worship Hanuman Ji on a Tuesday by following these steps:

  • Start by purchasing an idol or portrait of Hanuman Ji on a Tuesday during a shubhmuhurat if you don’t already have one.
  • Now, face the image of Hanuman Ji or the idol in the direction in which your head rests during the night.
  • If you want Lord Hanuman’s blessings, you should visit the Bajrang Bali temple daily.
  • You may find me in the temple every Tuesday and Saturday, lighting a candle with jasmine oil.
  • If you can’t make it to the temple on Monday, you may want to consider bringing some vermilion to gift to Lord Hanuman on Tuesday.
  • Reciting the Hanuman Chalisa is your best bet if you’re having trouble putting your problems to rest.
  • On Tuesdays, recite the Bajrang Baan.

Find a photograph of Hanuman ji when he is in midair and keep it close by in case you need to apply for a job overseas. Hang it in a prominent spot in the foyer or living room.

4.Worship Maa Kali

Having faith in Maa Kali is another astrologically-backed strategy for boosting your prospects of climbing the corporate ladder. According to horoscopes, this is a tried-and-true method for climbing the corporate ladder.

  • In addition to honoring Maa Kali, a simple treatment for appeasing Maa Lakshmi involves tying black rice tothe white fabric on Monday.
  • Give those grains of rice to Maa Kali as an offering at your house or the temple.
  • Providing the same amount of rice to those in need would be helpful.
  1. Pray to Shiva

Following Vedic astrology, one also receives Lakshmi’s blessings when one worships Lord Shiva. Therefore, it is essential to worship Lord Shiva if one hopes to advance in one’s current position. Here is the most effective method:

  • Offering water to Shivlingregularly can bring you the favor of Shiva.
  • It would help if you also gave Shivling Akshat.
  • Worries may be banished with the help of Rudra Abhishek or Shivling Abhishek, performed with Raw milk. It may also aid in advancing your career.
  • When you go to the Shiva temple, bring some Bel leaves to give to Shiva.
  • Shiv Dhan pilgrimages, particularly to Kedarnath, come highly recommended.
  • Don’t ever forget a vow you made to Shiva, either.
  1. Adore Vishnu, the God

Worshiping Lord Vishnu may be helpful for you in many ways, including receiving a promotion or a new career if you can’t find one. If you pray to Lord Vishnu, he will grant your requests for a better job, a higher evaluation, and a higher position.

  • Do no wrong and make a Thursday trip to the Lord Vishnu temple to earn his favor.
  • Thursday might be a good day to water a banana tree.
  • Some locals believe that wearing yellow on Thursdays would bring them the favor of Lord Vishnu.
  • Spend your Thursday donating yellow items to a temple.

7 – Take Care of the Cows

Many believe that helping cows will reward them in some way. If you want to go forward, astrologers say you should do something for the mother cow daily. When you do this, you may expect a pay increase or promotion.

  • Before heading into the workplace, grab a bowl of flour and a jar of jaggery.
  • Afterward, stop wherever cows are seen and give them flour and jaggery.
  • In every meal, save one roti for the cow.

8 – Giving cereal to birds

To get the professional results the natives want, they must give the birds grains. Some astrologers suggest that installing a bird bath or feeder on a balcony or patio can help bring about the desired rise in one’s professional standing.

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