God Restored My Relationship With My Ex – Astrology Support

If you still love your ex and you are not able to forget then it is a sign that you still feel something for them. This article will enable you to return to a positive place where you can rekindle your relationship. But before starting on this trip, it’s crucial to reflect on your motivations and consider if you are still in love with your ex and have faith in God that he restored your relationship.

While breaking up may seem like a tremendous mistake at first, you’ll find that most of the time there is a valid reason why love partnerships terminate. Never put your well-being, self-respect, or self-esteem at risk for the sake of another person, even if you once thought they were “the one,” according to the contact rule. The key to navigating and getting back together is learning how to give people space. If relationship issues are not resolved by you then you should consult Pandit Kapil Sharma who will help you to resolve your relationship issues and help you to get your ex-boyfriend back in your life.

Some people have better stars around their ruling planet which make their mindset good and think about the benefits to other people but let’s not forget that hard work, positivity, and also astrological advice can be fruitful. Wondering how astrological advice can help in bringing your ex boyfriend back into your life? As per Pandit Kapil Sharma, if the right actions are taken on time while chanting some mantras from the bottom of your heart, then they can make the life of the people better.

Signs God restored your relationship with ex

Some relationships fail because both the persons who are involved are not ready for the commitment or they think it is not the right time for them. If it is broken due to some reasons then it is important to be involved again if you have true feelings. Sometimes both the person get lessons in their life after breaking up in the relationship. But if both partners are meant for each other then God creates something and brings them closer. Without God’s blessings, no one can make their relationship successful. If both partners are planning to live together then God will unite them again even after separation. There are some signs that God will restore your relationship with your ex:

  • No sin is excusable and you should not create reasons in our minds to give abusive people more chances than they deserve to hurt us again and again. But sometimes the people you love do really stupid things that are very unlike them under normal circumstances. It’s possible for a very nice person to lash out in anger if they are going through something traumatic in their own life. It’s possible for a person who is normally very honest to lie about something because they were being controlled by a deep fear in their heart. It’s possible for someone who is normally very careful with their words to say something thoughtless that truly hurts you deeply. You should give more weight to patterns than outliers. Some offenses, even if they happened just once and were an outlier, are just too damaging and the relationship can never be rebuilt. But in some cases, it is possible for a couple to break up because of someone’s sin but then forgive one another and start fresh.
  • If it is God’s will, you do not have to force the ‘comeback’. It means that you will not be the one to make an effort to rekindle the romance between you. You do not have to manipulate situations or beg the person to get back to you. You would know that it is God’s will if the circumstances bring you closer back to each other. For instance, the two of you unknowingly became workmates or neighbors. So, even after a long breakup, even after giving much effort, both of your relationships that started with friendship will be restored.
  • The advice you learned as children should still be a guiding principle in our adult lives, “Actions speak louder than words.” This truth is especially important to remember when considering a reconciliation with someone who hurt you in the past. The temptation will be to listen to their pleading words and empty promises that they will never do that sin again which caused the breakup. Even if you want to take them back, you have to wait long enough to see if their actions will validate their words. It’s easy to say the right thing over the phone. It’s hard to live the right way over a consistent and substantial amount of time. The warning Jesus gave us about false leaders can also help guide us in relationships as well.
  • You would know that it is God who moves if the ‘come back’ helps you move on entirely from the past pain. The breakup could have hurt you so much that you could not forgive the person until now. With this new encounter, you may have the opportunity to talk maturely and release forgiveness. God wants you to be healed completely. It is His will that you learn to forgive the person who hurt you before. Therefore, if your second chance with the person brings you healing, consider it a confirmation.
  • There doesn’t always need to be some huge sinful reason why a relationship doesn’t work out. Sometimes it’s a timing issue, a maturity issue, or there is a personality clash that the couple feels they just can’t overcome. But, sometimes, after a breakup, the couple starts to feel different. The loss of the relationship helps them realize how good they were together. This truly does happen sometimes. I know one couple who broke up when they were dating simply because they didn’t feel like it was a good match, only to later start dating again and eventually marry. I don’t think it is wise to try a relationship more than twice. If you break up, get back together, and then break up again, I think you risk getting into an unhealthy cycle if you try to get back together again. Sometimes God is telling you to truly move on and let the relationship go. But if you two broke up and now you both want to give it another try and there is no biblical reason stopping you, then God may want you to try it again. God gives Christians immense freedom when it comes to relationships, he just demands that we do not break any commands in the Bible and that we seek to follow the Spirit’s leading in our lives. If you are doing that and you both want to get back together, it’s okay to give it another shot. Just don’t get into an unhealthy cycle of breaking up and getting back together again over and over.
  • When God brings someone back into your life, there is a strong possibility for a second chance at love. God will orchestrate things so that you can have a fresh start together. First, it starts with forgiveness and healing. Then, your friendship can start all over again. If God is behind the situation, he will help you avoid the mistakes that separated you before. He will give you the wisdom to be better for each other this time. These are the reasons why God has brought you together this season. There is a big chance that God knows you are now ready to commit to a life-long relationship.

When God brings someone back into your life, and your relationship is meant to last this time, you will be better for each other. You may have already overcome your immaturity issues in the past. Therefore, you will be a good influence on each other this time. The right partner will help you become a better version of yourself. The person can encourage you to increase your faith in God and be more compassionate to others. You will also be inspired to set your priorities right and discipline yourself. Of course, you will have the same influence on the other person.

Powerful mantras to get back your ex-boyfriend

Sarva Mangala Mangalye Sive Sarvartha Sadhike

Saranye Trayanbike Gauri Narayani Namostute


Ganesha Mantra

“Om Gan Ganpataye Namah”

These mantras help you to bring your ex back into your life with the right method. Make sure when you start chanting these mantras, you wear fresh clothes and do it with complete positivity in mind. You should choose the right path, and by chanting these mantras, you can get the right partner. You should follow the decision of God and try to give him another chance. It is good that you both get another chance to understand each other because some people don’t even get any chance. If you are still confused or facing any issues then you can contact Pandit Kapil Sharma for more solutions but keep faith in God as God is always there for you.