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Talk to professional medical astrologers about your health troubles; your privacy will be entirely protected. Discuss your chronic conditions that medical science cannot cure and receive a thorough Health Astrology response. Based on the antiquated idea of Medical Astrology, this treatment guaranteed complete recovery. In truth, Prashant Kapoor possesses a remarkable ability to analyse a person’s natal chart to diagnose and anticipate health difficulties. He offers ideas and treatments that are quite efficient.

The appointment for this medical astrology consultation will consider the native’s desired birth time, birth location, and birth date.

We will only talk about one horoscope during this booked consultation.

For delivering this service, please enter your full birth information (birthdate, birthtime, and birthplace), as well as your desired consultation time.

Take notice When filling out the form, one might indicate the current time and place if the birth information is not available. Prashna Kundli/Horary Astrology will be used to deliver all astrological calculations and answers in such unique situations.

How to use medical astrology to analyze disorders: This is the primary building block of a first course in health astrology.

In the natal chart, the sixth house represents sickness, the eighth house represents death, and the twelfth house denotes a decline in health. Therefore, the planets listed below that are responsible for ailments should be examined.

The sixth house’s ruler, the planets, are in the eighth and twelfth houses. The periods and sub periods of planets positioned in the second and twelfth houses, as well as the Mahadasha as well as Antardasha of the ruler of the seventh house, are responsible for creating disturbance. These houses are also known as death houses.

Stars and their related disorders:

The disorders listed below have planets responsible for them in medical astrology. These planets have an impact on health astrology.

Sun fever, a hot sensation throughout the body, Pitta, heart failure, eye and skin agony from fire, a poisonous weapon, a snake bite, and epilepsy.

Moon: Insomnia, an irregular sleep pattern, sluggishness, frequent colds and coughs, appetite loss, jaundice, blood disorders, fear of water, uterus, irregular menstruation, and anemia.

Mars: thirst, an imbalance of Vata and Pitta, Pitta-related fever, fire or weapon accident, leprosy, marrow bone deficiency-related weakness, eyes, ulceration, rough skin, itching, and disability.

Mercury: Nervous breakdown, a problem of the nose and pancreas, oesophageal cancer, all three diseases brought on by a Vata, Pitta, and cough imbalance, eczema, jaundice, impotence, azoospermia, and Parkinson’s disease.

Jupiter: Ailments of the ears and gall bladder, fever brought on by intestinal infection, appendicitis, bronchitis, jaundice, kidney, liver, and obesity.

Venus: Eyes, urine, sex-related weakness, erectile dysfunction, diabetes, decreased weight, skin that is yellow owing to low hemoglobin levels, and a slipped disc.

Saturn: Joint aches, stumbling, exhaustion, knee pain, joint damage, immobility, depression, assault by evil spirits, harm from a falling tree, or being stoned.

Rahu: Low blood pressure, Leprosy, diseases brought on by poison side effects, snake, or ghost assault.

Ketu: Constant stomachache, severe stomach pain, etc.

The signs in medical astrology also correspond to body components. When malevolent planets affect a sign, diseases specific to that sign begin to manifest. The songs that reflect each specific condition are listed below. On this, the Medical Astrology Report is built.

Astro signs and related health issues:

Aries – Head, face, brain.

Taurus – Eyes, neck, throat, nose, teeth, the beauty of face, lips.

Gemini – Ears, shoulders, arms, hand, breast, wrist, air pipe.

Cancer – Heart and blood-related disease.

Leo – Stomach, Vata disease.

Virgo – Waist pain, different types of stomach disorders.

Libra – Urine-related disorders, diabetes.

Scorpio – Sexual disorders, disease due to intercourse, aids.

Sagittarius – Blood, bone marrow, impurity in blood.

Capricorn – Psychological disorder, fluctuation in blood pressure.

Pisces – Allergy, skin disorder, blood, gout, knee pain.

During the creation of a medical astrology report, the house also represents ailments. The listing of houses linked to illnesses in the Medical Astrology Report is shown below.

First House: Headache, mental illness, cold and cough, and cognitive weakness. The computation of physical and mental capability measurements is done by the ascendant house since it is a body in and of itself.

Second House: This place is reputed to be an abode of death. This building is used to examine facial, nasal, dental, and throat conditions.

Third House: Right hand, arm, windpipe, and throat illness.

fourth House: This home is meant to measure the chests, heart, arteries, mental sickness, and psychiatric illnesses.

Fifth House: The fifth house is used to determine problems with the liver, kidneys, and many types of gastrointestinal diseases.

Sixth House: Hernia, intestinal, and waist discomfort.

House seven: all forms of utters-related illnesses, including kidney stones, diabetes, sugar, and cysts, among others.

Eighth House: Menstrual cycle irregularities, sex weakness

Ninth house: Bone marrow, blood infections, and blood cancer.

Tenth House: Knee and ankle discomfort, skin condition, Vata.

Eleventh house: Accidental leg fracture or injury in

Twelfth House: Fractures in the foot, allergies, jaundice, accidents, and eyes

Every minor to chronic sickness is caused by planetary combinations, according to the Medical Astrology Report. So, here are a few instances showing how ailments are brought on by various planetary aspects in signs that have an impact on health astrology.

Psychological Disorder: According to a medical astrology study, the yogas listed below can be used to analyze psychological disorders and assist a patient in receiving treatment using the principles of health astrology.

When the Moon, Mercury, Saturn, and Rahu are in parameters determining the first house or when a malefic makes an aspect to the Moon and Mercury, the native will have this disorder, and such persons will also experience a seizure outbreak. If the birth occurred during Krishna Paksha close to the “New Moon”/Amavasya, the situation would deteriorate.

In another yoga, Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu are surrounding the Moon and Mercury from the house before and the house ahead.Mercury and the Moon are connected through the heart.

The Epilepsy:

Yogas that aid in the diagnosis of epilepsy and assist the native in finding a remedy using the foundational concepts of health astrology are included below in the medical astrology report.

  • Sun, Mars, and Saturn are in the eighth house.
  • Mars, Saturn, and Mercury are positioned on the ascendant.
  • Rahu as well as Ketu inside the sixth house causes Saturn to be damaged.
  • Rahu is in the Moon’s sixth, eighth, or twelfth house.
  • Mars is in Gemini while Saturn is in Scorpio.
  • Saturn is positioned, directed, aspected, or affected by Mercury.
  • Saturn, Rahu, or Ketu have an impact on the moon.
  • Sun or ascendant aspects of Saturn and Rahu

Disorder of Evil Attacks:

This is also covered in a medical astrology study, which science is not likely to accept, but in the 1990s Nasa showed that both positive and negative spirits exist and trouble weak people. Medical astrologers skilled in health astrology can predict such issues from the horoscope and offer certain treatments.

If someone believes their experience of speaking with objects was a delusion, medical science often eliminates such an issue. With the use of medical astrology, a health astrology report assists in receiving a thorough examination of the natal chart along with answers. Make a note of the yogas that contributed to this illness.

When Saturn and Rahu are in the ascendant, the bearer experiences bad spirits.

Rahu’s effect on Moon put on the first home with Saturn, and Mars positioned together within the same houses in Trikona Chart Rahu’s impact on Moon positioned on the first home and Ketu or Rahu is in the seventh house.

The mantra of Dhanvantri

Hinduism regards Lord Dhanvantri as the deity of ayurvedic medicine. When the Samudra Manthan (sea churning) of the Kshirasagara, rose from the ocean floor (cosmic ocean). To get Amrita (divine nectar) out of the ocean floor, the Gods (Devas) as well as the devils (Asuras) once engaged in a tug of war. The poison Halahal appeared first, then Dhanvantri appeared with a Kalash (pot) that contained Amrit (elixir).

Invocation of God:

Om Bhagavate Vasudevaya Dhanvantraye

Sarva Maya Vinashanaya and Amrita Kalasha Hastaya

In the name of Shri Mahavishnava, Trailoka Nathaya

mantra of Mahamrityunjay

The Mahamrityunjay mantra, which is devoted to Lord Shiva, protects against all dangers to life. By repeating this phrase, one can offer prayers for both their wellbeing and the well-being of others. A tale surrounding this mantra claims that Lord Shiva delivered a devotee by the name of Markandeya from the clutches of death. When Yamraj had emerged, the little lad started singing the mantra as he grasped the Shiva Linga.

Om Trayambakam Yajamahe Sugandhim Pushtivardhanam Uruvarukamiva Bandhanaan Mrityormukshiya Maamritaat

Only faith can get us through difficult times. Hope is born out of faith, and optimism is the result of hope.

tan mein saubhaagy, aur tan mein param sukh.

roopam dehi, jay dehee, yasho dehee, dvisho jaahee.


 After completion of chanting, pray to mother for good health.

KK Ghannagh Mitramah: Aarohannuttaran Divam.

Chant Hridrog Mam Surya Hari Maan Cha Nashyam.

 ‘kk jun sah mampalaya palaya sah jun kk’