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Signs of unexplained connection with someone

A soul connection is when two people feel that they are connected on a soul level in a significant or extraordinary way. If you feel connected with someone it seems like you don’t need anyone else in the world. It is like you are two pieces of a puzzle piece that is only designed to be with each other and become one. These connections are rare and hard to come in life. You know when you have made a soul connection because suddenly you become more understanding and patient than before. It seems like nothing gets you upset or angry like it used to. You want to be a better person when they are in your life.  When you feel an unexplained connection with someone that person is your soul mate.

Even though we tend to think of soul mates as a symbiotic union but soul mate relationships can be rough at the beginning. They can be like two jagged edged puzzle pieces trying to click into place. Sometimes it looks like you do not fit together at all, but soon after a little bit of twisting, turning, and flipping the pieces around, you feel the moment of the perfect click. It happens when two souls are meant to connect It’s a feeling deep in your soul that says, this is the right one.Often soul mates appear in personae. You might not be physically attracted to each other when you first meet, but there is a mysterious force pushing you forward that tells you this is “the right one” for you. Two souls that feel connected are not always meant to be lovers. Sometimes, you feel connected to another soul because you are meant to make this journey through life together. This other soul could be your best friend for the rest of your life or your romantic partner forever.

Signs of explainable connection with someone

Signs of connection with someone

You may feel you know someone for a long time but with time you realize that you connect with that person like no one,that thing suddenly clicks on you and you get to know that person in your soul mate. You start making some extra efforts for that person and you try to be a better person for your soul mate. At times you may wonder why do I feel a strong connection with someone,well it’s because your soul is connected to a person spiritually.


These are some signs to know when your souls are connected:

  • You always know that you won’t be able to forget them

In our life we meet so many people, memories will fade with time but soul connections cannot be easily forgotten they are for life. The imprints that they leave on your soul can not be erased. These connections are different from the regular connection. We come across a lot of people every day and we can’t remember everybody here’s where the difference lies we remember every thing about our soul mate every little detail, this is like a miracle. They leave an unalterable  mark on your mind with their actions or words, directly or indirectly.

  • They make an intense change in your life

When you connect with someone who makes an impact on your day to day behavior and habits, you can sense the change in yourself. You find the inner peace in that change and you will gradually feel that there is something about you that will never change. You will feel that what you are experiencing is once-in-a-lifetime. There will be a shift in your mindset that will reflect your outward behavior. It’s kind of strange that someone is making such a great impact in your life without even knowing. They may also be experiencing a similar transformation in their world. You push yourself to be a better person for them, you come out from your comfort zone for them.

  • You are honest with each other

Being honest is the best thing you can do for a perfect relationship. This is a deep connection sign that the person is your soul mate. As you get to know each other then there is nothing to hide, no judgment or conflict you feel so comfortable with that person that you don’t feel the need to project a perfect image of yourself in front of them. You are comfortable in your skin and feel happy and confident to reveal your true self to each other.

  • You just know

You don’t have to look for a sign every time to know if a person is your soul mate sometimes you can feel it like when you look at someone and you know he/she is the one for you, but sometimes out of ego we ignore these signs and don’t listen to our inner soul but when two souls are meant to connect they will always end up being with each other.

  • You don’t have to talk constantly to feel like you are a part of each other

The connection that soul mates share is not like the regular one you don’t have to talk day-night to be a part of each other.  These are soulmate connection signs.You just connect it doesn’t matters you talk to each other or you share time it’s the inner energy that binds the two of you.

  • Wishing that they were always at your side

When you have just met a person, it is normal to feel apprehensive or on the edge as you don’t know the person well. However, with the special “someone”, it is different. You feel completely at ease in their presence, with no need for pretending to be friendly or enjoying their company. You just want them to be with you and when you feel a connection with someone they feel it too.

  • Feeling connected

Soul connection is much more than an ordinary type of love. Instead, it is something out of this world, something you can’t explain and something that happens only once in a lifetime. Soulmates connect through their entire being—through body language, through their voice and most importantly, through their eyes. You can feel the soul connection through your eyes.  Eyes are the window to one’s soul the best way to connect to your soulmate is through the eyes, like at times you look at someone and you can’t take your eyes off from that person that is what a soul connection is.It seems like you’re communicating with your eyes and that they are connecting you two on a whole new level.

  • You have an unspoken understanding

When it comes to the bond with your soulmate, it can’t be compared to any other relationship in your life. Even if it takes time for you to notice these key differences. You just know how the other person feels. If something happens, you know just what to do for each other without any words being uttered to each other.You can stay up for hours on end and reveal all your deepest thoughts and feelings, while also listening to theirs.This connection goes above and beyond anything you’ve ever experienced before. This is one of the spiritual signs you met your soulmate, feeling an unspoken understanding towards this person that you can’t explain.

  • Feeling as if you have known this person for years instead of just a short time.

Even though you’ve met this person for the first time, you two have no communication barriers whatsoever.Neither of you feels nervous or uncomfortable. It seems that you understand one another perfectly; you always know what the other person means and wants to say and you even finish each other’s sentences with ease.All of your fears get swept away. You don’t question their intentions, you don’t wonder whether they’ll break your heart or where this is all going.

Soul connections are the connections for a lifetime. There are no limits- age, caste, race, profession and status, these things are simply irrelevant because their connections are worth sticking on. If you feel this way about someone don’t let this thing slip away from your hands for any reason. Don’t forget the perfect match doesn’t have to be your partner, it can be a friend too.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do you know if your souls are connected?

When you are connected to a person you can stop thinking about them. This thinking is pure and unconditional. It is undemanding of them to be in any way. It’s fully accepting and melodious. The smallest thought of that person brings peace and calmness to your soul. You just want to be with him/her for no reason. There can be a spiritual connection or a natural connection from past life experiences. Energetically their auras overlap and some of their charades are corded together. This causes intense emotions, strong bonds, and sometimes an overwhelming intensity in the relationship. You can also find coincidences that frequently bring you together.

  1. What happens when two souls find each other?

When two souls find each other they make life better for each other. They get attracted to each other find ways to meet each other or talk to each other. There is a depth in their relationship that they can feel and hear what their partner is thinking about, even if it’s not verbally explained.They feel each other’s feelings: sadness, worry, and stress. And share each other’s happiness and joy.They know this is the one and only one for them. Even though the tough times, they choose their partner again. They feel a sense of pride in their partner.

  1. Can soulmates feel each other when apart?

Being a part of someone’s soul is more than just words in itself. No matter how much near or far you are, No matter whether you are together or apart, you will always feel their emotions.Referring to someone as a soulmate is way more than being together, more than being near or far. It’s something that words can’t describe. Our ability to feel our soulmates is rooted in the vibration frequencies of our spiritual soulmate connection and, when we are with each other, by the harmonic properties of our auras. You can feel the energy of your soulmate even if you are apart. There are many ways of communication. And when you do not face to face, our mind uses all the experience of the past. It listens to everything being said or written in the message by your partner & fetches it to your subconscious to decode it further to get some meaningful or hidden relevance. It immediately processes from vast pool of memories to recall a particular situation relating to the present & speaks about the possibilities.

  1. Can a soul connection be one-sided?

Yes, the soul ties can be one-sided sometimes. You can have an emotional connection with someone in many ways maybe you like the way they talk, maybe you have read something they have written that’s intellectually stimulating or maybe you’ve had a conversation that you can relate to on a deeper level. This emotional connection is hard to define,this is when the other person invokes an emotional response in you. One-sided soul connections can cause intense destruction to your well-being by bringing forth many negative feelings. Some of the most common you might experience are obsession, manipulation, addiction, deception and entrapment. When there is a one-sided soul connection it can be unhealthy for both people. A one-sided soul tie is a relationship where a person feels so tied to another that they are easily manipulated and deceived. These relationships are also almost always one-sided. It’s usually a situation where one person has a very dominant personality and the other is empathetic.

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