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Black magic is used by the astrologers and is being used from ancient Times and is an answer to what is Black Magic. It’s a very powerful way. It is known to be the most effective and efficient way to solve any first problem you can define it as a miracle in your life. Black magic is done to control someone’s life over his well and all the desired work one wants to. Real meaning behind black magic is a kind of supernatural powers in which is done by bad intention and selfish purpose.

I love guru  will introduce  to the black magic removal specialist he is best in his work and will remove black magic from you but  first for contacting us you should know and should observe the symptoms that you are under black magic

 Signs and symptoms of black magic:

This the way that how to detect black magic and how to avaoid such things.

  • Getting horror and scary nightmares.
  • Mouth gets dry while sleeping or in the night time.
  • You starts to believe that everyone is your enemy and wants to take revenge from you or Wants to harm you.
  • Suddenly there are twist and turns or ups and downs in your career.
  • Your mind goes blank for a second or minute.
  • Depression in excess.
  • Immunity gets low.
  • Whole body starts to pain.
  • Continuous headache.
  • Started walking while sleeping.
  • Behaviour gets abnormal.
  • Not getting proper sleep.

If you observe the symptoms in your daily routine you are being possessed by someone.  By these points you can get the answer of How know black magic symptoms.

Breaking of black magic spells:

So here are some points which can help you out with remedies to cure black. Read them carefully because it will eventually help you out in saving someone’s life as if the spell is very powerful then one can even die.

Uncrossing incense

This method is known to be one of the easiest method to break the spell you have to bone uncrossing incense. This uncrossing incense purchased or you can create a bundle of herbs, vetiver and wormwood to burn. As the incense burns, you can pray e releasing yourself from the Trap or possession of Evil spell. For ensuring that the spells power is broken ensure the signs of black magic and make sure that the herbs are completely burned.

Cleansing bath from sea salt

Second Way to break a spell is by cleansing your Aura and all the negative energies attached to you by taking a simple sea salt bath.  For taking sea salt cleansing bath you will need to add sea salt to warm water and as it emerges then use a cup and pour that water to your head.  After getting yourself done with sea salt water and as you feel that the salt spell from you take a shower to completely remove the salt from you.

Protective symbols, meditation and prayers

Some symbols for protection especially the one which represents your religion or on which you belief in.  You can also counter the negative energy meditation visualisation and praying all the negative Aura can vanish.  While praying meditation a visualisation don’t under estimate the powers this can generate protection to you and your body and can break the negative Aura or black magic spell and symptoms of the person suffering from black magic will become quite.

Professional black magic expert

If you have tried all the methods and you are not able to break the spell yourself or by own so it is the time that you may seek the help of a black magic expert because some spells are so strong powerful as the one who spend the black magic on you summons the demons or satan and they are so powerful that sometimes you are not able to break those spell yourself.  Beforeconsulting to a professional black magic export you should find a person who really have a positive reputation and have a proven experience in breaking the black magic spells and for this the expert’s advice as well as well as instruction without underestimating its power call your heart.  So that magic spell can be removed.



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