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It’s worse when being in a relationship with a partner who is dominating. Micromanaging, criticizing, and limiting the activities of the other spouse are common behaviors of controlling spouses.

The severity and frequency of these controlling behaviors will determine whether you and your husband can work together to improve your marriage or whether you need professional counseling. In a relationship, saying yes to everything your partner wants from you can be exhausting and a frustrating to yourself. Every human being who has gone through this kind of relationship wants “How do I make him feel more dominant?”

It’s possible that you’ll have to consider ending your relationship if your controlling partner’s behavior doesn’t improve with counseling.

Many people’s first reaction to a domineering relationship is to get into a fight.Even if this method works in the near term, it is unlikely to have a long-term impact on a dominating person. Don’t let your emotions get the better of you by yelling or arguing. Even if you don’t agree with your spouse, you don’t have to be rude about it. Chant mantra which help in how do you deal with a dominant woman?


||“Kala kaluachausath veer, taalbhaagitorjahankobheju, vavahikojaye, maasmajjakoshabad ban jayeapnamara, aapdikhay, chalatbaanmaru, ulatmoothmarumaar maar kalua, teriaaschaar,chaumukhadeeya, maar baadikichaatiitnakaammeranakare to tujhematakadoodhpiya haram”||

In your communication with your spouse, be as specific as much as possible while discussing the problem with them.Don’t be harsh when saying these things like, “You are too dominating in your personality and controlling,” say politely, “I feel like you are managing my life and regulating my activities, and I do not trust you to accomplish things on your own.”

When dealing with a controlling or demanding partner, try to see things from their perspective.Make an effort to understand why your spouse is acting the way him or her is.Use this method to Justify disrespectful behavior is never a good idea. It can only help you better understand your spouse’s character flaws and nature.

If your spouse starts questioning or criticizing you, you can swiftly turn the conversation around by asking the proper questions in response to his or her inquiries. Ask questions that indicate to the controlling spouse that their expectations are unreasonable or their behavior is wrong.


The people who are controllers are unaware that they are in charge. Controlling others is a common experience for many people in leadership positions, which may explain why they are so aggressive in their approach. The process of changing an overly controlling spouse may take some time, so be patient if you must go through it with your partner.

When having this discussion, try to be as polite as possible. Save your marriage by not making personal attacks on your spouse. As a result, you should instead focus on the things that annoy or irritates you most.

How to Dominate a Man, How to deal with a dominating partner, you must chant this mantra for 11 days and 108 times daily.

“Om kamdevayavidmahaeratipriyayaidhimahitanoanangprachodayath.”

Tips When Dating a Dominant Man

  1. If something doesn’t matter to you, go with the flow. As long as you’re in love with your spouse or partner, don’t be afraid to let him choose your next date and go along with it.If you have a strong and trustful relationship with him, you know that he will never harm you or the relationship and disturb you in anyway.
  2. It is essential for everyone to have a safe haven where they may be who they truly are while still feeling protected. In spite of his confident demeanor, even the most ruthless men need a safe haven where they can be themselves and express their feelings.There is a chance that you can act as a refuge for your loved one.
  3. In a relationship when the male dominates the female, you may anticipate him to assume control. This can be a source of enjoyment for some people, but it can also be a source of frustration and irritating behaviors for others. That’s why it’s so important and good to set limits. Try to measure your boundaries and the manner in which you expect to be handled. When it comes to interacting with others, those with strong personalities tend to avoid playing games. Nobody wants to spend time deciphering what you’re trying to say. So, be specific.


How do you dominate a relationship?

  1. Controlling qualities can be found in some people who hold positions of power.If you’re dressed as a big kid or girl, don’t let anyone know you’re a big kid or female. If you have anything that gives you strength and make you strong, keep it with you at all times so that it serves as a constant reminder of your potential and your ability to be tough in any scenario.
  2. Slaying the bully will put you on top of the world.An someone who abuses their position of authority to harm or distress others is considered a bully. Never let your guard down or show your fear when it comes to being domineering. Put on a brave front even in the midst of your worst fears, and you’ll have the most potent weapon at your disposal.
  3. You can’t take control of your own life if you’re afraid. Even the most confident of us have our share of anxieties. Control your life by letting go of the things that scare you most. Because not everyone is born with the ability to be the one to take charge, you should have some practice at it.The truth is, it’s not always as easy as it appears. Telling others what to do and taking charge may seem awkward and phony if you’re used to being submissive.
  4. Submissive people, on the other hand, typically enter a situation without a second thought. That indicates they have no chance of gaining power, but only hope for what they desire. To rise to the top, you must have strong beliefs and draw a line in the sand. You must never back down. If required, protect your line in the sand as quickly as possible.If you don’t become organized today, it will be more difficult for you to assert your authority in the future.
  5. Keep an eye on your partner’s pleasure and comfort levels throughout a session, as D/s play is meant to be enjoyed by both of you at the same time. When someone invalidates your emotional state, they are arguing that you don’t feel or express what you think you mean.It is said that one’s social power is measured by the amount of individuals who regard and admire them.Being the most powerful individual in your organization is impossible without people following your lead.

How To Become Dominant In A Relationship In A Healthy Way?

 This sort of relationship is believed to exist when one spouse has authority and exerts control over the other.Some partners feel compelled to continuously establish their dominance, while others prefer to do it only in their fantasies.

Consistent trust and confidence are the building blocks for an enduring partnership.In a BDRM relationship, it doesn’t matter who has the upper hand; all practices should be agreed upon by both parties.

Make an effort to be the more responsible one in the partnership. Ensure that you are the one in charge of all financial matters and the one who ultimately makes all of the important decisions. You must be the one responsible for keeping track of your funds and keeping your expenditures in check.

This is a way to establish dominance in a relationship.At last you are responsible for the repercussions of your choices, no matter what you decide.

In order for the dominant and submit to enjoy each other’s company, the submissive must be willing to give up their position of authority and authority over others. Compromise on these parameters is essential in every relationship, and both partners should always provide and respect one other’s consent when doing so.

For those who are new to the BDSM fantasies and practices, post-adoption support is critical.People’s dominant and submissive positions aren’t always a true reflection of who they really are.

In your post-care discussions, you and your partner can be quite open and vulnerable, which enriches your relationship.You’re concerned about each other’s physical and mental well-being during these difficult moments in your relationship.

Make it plain to your spouse what you are and are not willing to do. BDSM relationships might be risky if you aren’t able to express your worries to your partner in an open and honest way.

You can show your girl that you’re serious about your relationship by the way you carry yourself. The way you conduct yourself speaks a lot about who you are, whether you’re out in public or not. Men in positions of authority maintain good posture (no slouching) and maintain a friendly manner. 

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