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Janam Kundali Analysis for Marriage Problems – Astrology Support

Are you anticipating your marriage and experiencing that fluttery butterfly sensation of excitement? Everyone desires a successful marriage. Marriage is such a great deal of fun, but getting married isn’t always easy, and many people experience difficulties and difficulties throughout their marriage. Whether you’ve been married for a long time or just got hitched, a wedding horoscope can help you have such a happy marriage since a “happy married life” truly requires a lot of work.

If you’re afraid about being married, if it will be planned or in love, and how your marriage will go, you’re not alone. then using marital astrology, you may get the answers to these queries. Your marriage will benefit much from your marriage horoscope. Learn about the planets that have an impact on your marriage but also how one’s birth chart might foretell significant changes in your marriage.

Do you have concerns about your marriage? Clear out any of your questions and concerns about your marital life by speaking with an astrologer.

That the very first stage of a good marriage is Kundali matching.

The secret to a happy and successful marriage is Kundali balancing or matching horoscope. The practice of matching the numerology of the potential bride and groom is known as Kundali matching. A pair will lead a happy and successful marital relationship if indeed the Janam Responses or Janam Patrika complement contemplating all pertinent doshas such as Black magic Dosha and great yoga. According to astrology, the 36 gunas are matched to determine a couple’s compatibility.

Astrologers must, however, also consider other variables. They would examine your birth chart’s seventh house, which is related to marriage.

7th House Evaluation:

All serious relationships and marriages are governed by the seventh house. Therefore, a planet with a natural affinity for marriage must be placed in the seventh house. Planets like Venus, Jupiter, and the Moon are inherently good for marriage, but stars including Mars, Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu seem bad. Therefore, you must first determine which planet dominates your seventh house. With the aid of our Free Personalized Janampatri, you can ascertain it.

When difficult stars such as Rahu or Ketu are in the seventh house, it weakens that house and makes your marriage relationship highly tumultuous. Saturn’s placement in the seventh house interrupts romantic relationships and causes unneeded conflict and conflicts.

Like how Mars, Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu, when Ketu aspects the 7th house reduce chances for love and marital harmony in a native’s married life. If your horoscope contains any malefic planets, astrology can provide you with corrective measures for marriage.

If you are having issues in your marriage, see an expert to gain a better understanding.

However, it is also important to consider the cumulative effects of planet transits in several houses.

Long-term Love: Should I Get Married? How will the compatibility of our marriage be? Are you bothered by these inquiries? Or you have doubts about the longevity of our marriage. These problems need to be resolved as soon as practicable since they might disturb our mental stability.

Know the details comparing love and arrange marriages?

Marriages today are also not straightforward. Finding your ideal mate and getting along with him are getting harder and harder. A few decades ago, it came naturally and without effort. How were their marriages so simple to manage?

In plenty of other words, they understood the secret to a successful marriage. Kundali reading is the secret, too! Your marriage path can be precisely predicted by it. Let’s examine it closely to see how it functions.

Kundali reading: What is it?

As we’ve seen, astrology is the secret to a happy marriage. We Indians have been using astrology for centuries and following its recommendations. Reading Kundali is a crucial component of it. However, you should be familiar with Kundali before beginning a reading.

Your Janam Kundali is a chart that depicts the placements of numerous stars now of your birth (Horoscope). Your future can be predicted by astrologers by looking at your horoscope. Let’s now examine Kundali’s reading.

Whenever two individuals decide to be wedded, they go for a Kundali consultation for marriage by our Hindu traditions. Additionally, astrologers forecast their upcoming nuptials.

It genuinely anticipates every facet of your connection, which is surprising. As the saying goes, the stars in a couple’s horoscope have an impact on each individual throughout their marital journey. Therefore, it becomes crucial to determine whether two people were compatible enough to go on a new journey.

Additionally, astrologers carefully compare every element of your life to determine your compatibility. They evaluate your friendship using the Ashtakuta technique, which tests eight various components. It is referred to as Guna-Milan.

What Justifies a Kundali Reading?

Do you fear your marriage? Do you have trouble finding the proper mate? Are you interested in learning if you will have a love marriage or an arranged marriage? The Kundali reading, however, has all the answers!

The kundali reading is comparable to a magical tool that can foretell every aspect of your life. Let me give you some reasons why you should consider kundali reading in general and kundali interpretation for marriage.

Understanding Your Marriage

Nowadays, many people struggle to find a spouse. They can’t seem to locate the proper match, or they have doubts about getting married. Will I have a love marriage or an arranged marriage, they may be wondering. What date will my wedding be? Why then is my marriage taking longer to happen?

You may learn anything from a marriage kundali reading! Astrologers can even forecast when you will be married, at what age, and whether it will be a love marriage or an arranged one!

Make sure you are compatible.

You may determine your compatibility with the aid of a marriage kundali reading. A wedding is among the most important decisions you will ever make, so choose carefully. A solid foundation for a happy partnership may be built by evaluating your partner’s flexibility.

Know Your Dosha (Planetary Ill Effect) And Treatments

As we have shown, your partner’s stars may have an impact on both of you and your marital life. As a result, when astrologers read a Kundali for marriage, they discover different Doshas and recommend Puja to correct them. Your marriage life may be rocky if you have this Dosha. Puja and prompt remedies might salvage the marriage.

Find Marital Life Solutions

Marriage may occasionally turn into a difficult and stifling experience rather than a peaceful one. Today, there are many issues with both romantic love and planned marriages. How long will our marriage last? – When such an idea enters your head, you must see an astrologer to get all your marriage issues resolved.

Is He the Perfect Fit?

Loved for a long time, Should I get married? Do you experience this? Was your dating someone and questioning if he is the proper person for you or not? Why not use a compatibility chart to gauge your compatibility with others? You may learn about your partner’s characteristics, temperament, character, or even his life objectives through astrology!

You can determine whether he’s your twin flame by understanding all these things! Learn about his needs, desires, and life path. You can discover your soul partner in this way.

Are you still interested in your future? You should participate in thorough Kundali reading sessions! It might be challenging to locate the appropriate source, though.

The Most Reliable Method

You must pick the most dependable source if you are sincere about your future forecast. We all have extremely busy lives and don’t have additional time to locate and consult an astrologer in person. People use Online Janam Kundali a lot because of this.

Mantras for marriage problem solution:

Ohm Namah shivay

Om Namah ManobhilashitamVaramDehiVaramHree Om Gora Parvati Devyai Namah

Swayamvara Parvati Mantra

Om Hree Yogini YoginiYogeshwari Yoga Fierce

Gross Immovable MukhyaHridayam Mam Vasham

AkarshayAkarshay Namah.

Hree Gaurya Namah:

Hai Gauri ShankarardhangiYathaTwam Shankar Priya.

And Mother Kuru Kalyani KantakantaSudurlabham.

Om Umamaheshwarabhyam Namah

Om Parvatayi Namah

Om Samb Shivay Namah

Om Gauraye Namah

Hey Gauri Shankarardhangi. YathaTwam Shankar Priya. And mother Kuru Kalyani, Kant KantanSudurlabham.

Om Namah ManobhilashitamVaramDehiVaramHree Om Gora Parvati Devyai Namah

patneenmanoramaandehimanovrttaanusaarineem. taarineemdurgasansaarasaagarasykulodbhavaam.

om namahmanobhilaashitan varan dehi varan hreen om gorapaarvateedevyaiNamah

om gaureeshankarNamah

he gaureeshankarardhaagineeyathatvanshankarpriya. tathamaamkurookalyaaneekaantkaantasudurlabham..

om shreen var pradaayshreeNamah

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