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Morning Prayer For My Ex Boyfriend – Astrology Support

There is a lot of power in prayer. If you want your wishes to be fulfilled through this, then it is necessary to pray in the right way. Learn this time…

We become capable through our hard work and mind, but sometimes on some occasions, even our ability does not help us. These are such occasions when we cannot control some incidents. This is what we call bad times in our language and human nature is such that only in bad times he remembers God. Then he goes to his refuge and starts praying to him for the fulfillment of his wishes. But one thing you must agree that God does not even listen to everyone’s prayers. If you want your prayer to reach God, then you must know the right way to pray.

The meaning of prayer is to say the words of your heart to God. With this, a person tries to fulfill his or others’ wishes. By the way, tantra, mantra, meditation, and chanting are also a form of prayer. Prayer works on a small scale and due to these changes take place in nature according to you. If many people do a prayer together, it becomes more effective. There is a rapid change in nature when we pray together.

Why does prayer go unheard?

Sometimes a person feels that he is praying a lot to God, but it is not being heard. If you are in this situation, then we tell you why sometimes prayers fail. First, you should understand that prayers like business and transactions also fail. There are some reasons for the failure of prayer, such as: – Prayer failure due to not controlling diet and behavior

– Prayer fails due to not respecting parents

– Prayer fails even if prayer is harming you happens

– even illogical prayer fails.

Rules of prayer:

Prayer done in the right way brings miraculous changes in life.

– Prayer should be done simply and clearly and should be easily spoken prayer.

– It is best to pray in a calm environment.

– Prayers are accepted quickly, especially in the middle of the night.

– It is good to do prayer at the same time every day. At the same time, do not pray irrationally or harm others. Before praying for another think about him and then start praying. If you follow these rules, then believe that whether your prayer is for money or a child, or a job, it will be fulfilled.

Method of prayer: For your prayer to be accepted by your deity, you should pray with certain rules. Learn about these rules: – First, sit in a secluded place.

– After that keep your spine very straight

– Then first meditate on your Ishta, Guru, or God

– After that do the prayer you want.

– Keep your prayer confidential

– whenever you get a chance, keep repeating your prayer.

‘Mantra’ means to bind the mind in a system. If unnecessary and excessive thoughts are arising and causing anxiety, then the mantra is the most effective medicine. You can chant the name of any deity you worship, pray, or meditate on.

Mantras are of 3 types – Satvik, Tantrik, and Sabar. All mantras have their importance. Mantras chanted daily are considered Satvik mantras. Let us know which are the mantras, one of which should be chanted daily, which not only increases the power of the mind but also gives freedom from all troubles.

Take care of general purity while chanting or remembering these mantras. For example, if you are at home, sitting in the temple if you are in the office, take off your shoes and slippers and meditate on these mantras and deities. With this, you will get mental strength, which will prove to increase your energy.

Every relationship in the world runs on love. Every relationship is incomplete without love, and love is a very beautiful feeling. Lord Shri Krishna and Radha ji have defined love in this world. Nowadays many people want to get their love but due to some reasons, they fail in it. But if a person gets his desired love then his life becomes very beautiful. Because no one can guess the happiness of getting love. And where there is love, there are also disputes. In this run-of-the-mill world where it is very difficult to find true love, it is even more difficult to celebrate that love. Fights keep happening in love, but sometimes these fights increase so much that the distance between the two increases that your partner gets angry with you and the relationship breaks. But there are many ways to get that love back.

tricks to get true love.

  1. Worship Lord Vishnu and Mother Lakshmi for three months from Thursday in Shukla Paksha. After performing this puja, chant three rounds of the ‘Om Lakshmi Narayan Namah’ mantra and offer prasad in the temple every Thursday for three months. By doing this remedy, you can get your true love.
  2. To get your love, worship Maa Durga and offer a red colored flag or chunri on her statue, you will get benefits soon.
  3. Offer paan with flute in Lord Krishna’s temple and do this till the lover accepts your love. Also, meditate on the loving picture of Radha ji with Lord Krishna and chant the mantra Om Hum Hree Sah Krishnaya Namah, after chanting this mantra, sprinkle honey on Lord Krishna.
  4. Chant Om Hi Namah mantra for the safety of your love. Chant this mantra one thousand times daily for a week. Wear red cloth and a kumkum garland during chanting.
  5. Wearing white clothes and offering a red rose and jasmine perfume at any religious place, pray with a sincere heart for the success of your love, definitely it will be beneficial.

If your love is angry with you, then you must take help from these tricks of Lal Kitab. This miraculous remedy of Lal Kitab to get lost love will reunite you with your love.

Misunderstandings frequently lead to stress between a lover and fiancée or a life companion and the beginning of the end of love. Other factors can also cause a relationship to terminate. Try the miraculous Lal Kitab remedies to win your love back if this is also occurring to you and they have grown furious with you. These steps are so successful that you will inspire affection in your life partner’s heart, and your partnership will return to normal. These are thought to be very old Lal Kitab pranks.

use these suggestions to win back misplaced affection.

  • Make a paste out of a ripe banana as well as gorochan, then spread it to your scalp. A person’s ability to draw others grows because of this. Maintain this routine for at least a week. Following that, halt for a couple of days before starting again.
  • Blend the coconut, dhatura seeds, and cinnamon. Now mix in some honey and store it in a container. Every day, apply its tilak to your brow. Within 21 days, your affection will most certainly return to you. Keep in mind that you should do everything with dedication and confidence.
  • If there is animosity between the spouses, having meals together should become a regular practice. While dining, a husband or wife will covertly add some food to their spouse’s dish. Friendship will be miraculously better if you do this.
  • It becomes essential to draw people and make each other auspicious to receive the opportune results of the elements that are not providing auspicious results. Venus is revered as the goddess of love, so ensuring her happiness is crucial. Kamadeva is the deity of love, and Venus is the planet that causes sex and affection. Wear a diamond wreath on Friday as a result. Say the Shukra Prayer as well. Om Dran Drin Draun S: ShukrayNamah should be repeated.
  • Please Venus and Cupid if you want to draw someone to you or want to boost your erotic power. You must recite a phrase for this. Om KamdevayaVidmahe, Rati Priyayi Dhimahi, TannoAnangPrachodayat is a mantra that is said to enhance love in marriage and attract an appropriate life companion. Om Namo BhagavateKamdevayaYasyaYasyaDrishyoBhawamiYasyaYasya Mam MukhamPashyati Tan TanMohayatuSwaha is one of Kamadeva’s Shabar mantras. The repetition of this phrase improves a person’s physical appeal and potential.

Only ever implement one Lal Kitab remedy at a time. Using multiple metrics at once will never produce useful findings.

Lord Krishna is considered the presiding deity of love. Go to his temple and offer paan along with the flute. Do this remedy until the lover accepts your love.

Place a loving picture of Radharani with Lord Krishna in your room. After meditating on them, chant the mantra Om Hum Hree Sah Krishnaya Namah. After chanting this mantra, sprinkle honey on Lord Krishna. It is said that with this remedy, there are chances of getting true love soon.

Grind coconut, dhatura seeds, and camphor together. Now add honey to it and keep it in a vial. Apply its tilak on your forehead daily. Your love will come back to you within 21 days. Remember, all this should be done with faith and devotion.

You mash a banana well and then prepare a paste by mixing a little gorochan in it. You must apply this paste on your head, it increases the power of attraction in you. Then you go to your upset love, he or she will again be pulled towards you in a few days.

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