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It is very hard to forget your ex-girlfriend when your relationship ended on a harsh note and you don’t realize it at the time of breaking your relationship. Every relationship has its ups and downs but you should handle it with maturity. Love is a very beautiful feeling and when it comes to anyone’s life it changes life completely. When you think of a relationship, the very first thing that hits your mind is that everything should be smooth without any misery. But frankly speaking, it is not so easy to run a relationship. Problems occur in every relationship but it depends on the ability of the astrologer how to resolve them with their solutions. Some astrologers work for the benefit of the people and resolve the issues of relationships and some work just to earn money.

Some people have better stars around their ruling planet which make their mindset good and think about the benefits to other people but let’s not forget that hard work, positivity, and also astrological advice can be fruitful. Wondering how astrological advice can help in bringing the ex-girlfriend back into your life with prayers? As per Pandit Kapil Sharma, if the right actions are taken on time while chanting some mantras and prayers from the bottom of your heart, then they can make the life of the people better.

Prayers and astrology – How are they connected

If you pray from God with full confidence and faith, then God planned everything to give you that happiness. You can communicate so easily with God by praying. You should pray daily, not only even in difficulties. When you pray to God with a pure heart then God fulfills all your wishes. Before finding the solution to your problem from God, you should identify which planetary combination and position affect your life or relationship. You should select the right time and place for prayer and not perform any wrong thing at that time.

There is no guarantee that your ex-girlfriend will get back into your life if you follow these tips but it will help you to bring her back. It is completely dependent on your ex-girlfriend’s decision. But you should understand how you both can resolve your relationship issues and maintain a healthy relationship.

You need to discuss with your ex-girlfriend everything and then resolve it. You just let your partner know that you’re planning to change yourself if it was your mistake and can resolve the issues together with each other’s support. You should build trust again.

You should resolve all your issues and start a new journey in your life together. You should start communicating back with your ex-girlfriend and have some enjoyable conversations with them. You should start taking interest in their life. You should show concern that you can’t live without them. You should try your best to build the most successful relationship of yourself with your ex-girlfriend even if you both have some flaws. For maintaining a healthy relationship, you must keep making an effort and never break the trust again.

Pandit Kapil Sharma advises that chanting some powerful mantras and prayers like the one shared below can have a positive impact. With astrology power, you can get success in your relationship and get back your ex in your life. If you feel the same things about your ex-girlfriend then you should follow his solutions to get them back.

Prayers for an ex-girlfriend to come back into life

Each planet is connected with the life of the person and the person should pray at the right time with a pure heart without any negativity. If you don’t pray seriously then it can have a bad effect on your life and you have to suffer more. You should resolve all the issues of the relationship calmly. You can pray to God to bring your ex-girlfriend back into your life and they realize your love and feelings for them.

  • Loving Father, You are my creator and I know that You hear my prayer for reconciliation with my ex-girlfriend. Merciful God, bless me with Your love and wisdom and uplift me through Your grace so I can make my ex-girlfriend come back to me and reconcile with me. Please give me discernment, Lord God, to follow Your will and improve my personality to the extent that I can rekindle our relationship and increase the chance to be by her side again. Great Lord, I find it hard to talk to her and ask her to start over and forget about the past. Dear Lord, You are my savior and I trust Your words when I recite a prayer for reconciliation with my girlfriend. Listen to me, O God, and forgive me for not behaving calmly when I was angry with her. Great God in heaven, hear my petitions when I ask You to accept this powerful prayer to get my ex-girlfriend back since You are the only one who can set me free from prison bars of anxiety and depression.
  • Almighty God, You are the source of all mercies and without you I’m nothing. I know that I’m a sinful servant but I want to give thanks to You for all Your blessings, and kindness to me. Holy Lord, you are my strength and I sincerely ask You to listen to my supplications as I recite a Catholic prayer to bring back lost love. Holy Lord in heaven, I ask You to bring my ex-girlfriend back into my life because she is undoubtedly the only one that makes me feel loved and cared for. Merciful Lord, accept my prayer and bless me with love, peace, and joy when she comes back to me. Loving Lord, save me from pride and selfishness so that my ex-girlfriend will change her attitude towards me and come back to me in near future. Put my love in her heart again, Dear God, and help her fall in love with me again as I read the most powerful prayer to get my ex-girlfriend back.
  • Heavenly Father, I love You with all my heart and I always feel loved in Your mighty presence. Lord God, I know I am upset and anxious, but You are the only one who can listen to my words and heal my broken heart. So, hear me, Great God, when I recite a powerful prayer to get my ex-girlfriend back. O Father, You are strong enough to save me from evil and take my hands when I ask for Your blessings of love and kindness. Help me follow Your will, O God, and let your eternal love fill me so that I can put aside any thoughts of anxiety and improve my personality in a way that impresses my ex-girlfriend when we meet each other again. I beseech Thee, O Lord, to help me restart my relationship so I can experience moments of joy and happiness with her once more. Heavenly Lord, bless me and my ex-girlfriend with Your unconditional love and help us walk in Your way so we will have a fulfilling relationship forever. Most Gracious Lord, deliver Your sinful servant from evil and grant me Your discernment to think about our problems and solve them as I recite Bible verses to get my ex back. I trust in You, Holy Lord, let Your light shine on me.

These prayers are done if you want your ex-girlfriend back in your life. Chanting powerful mantras provides relaxation and calms your mind. It also helps in decreasing stress and anxiety. You should love your partner without any condition and care for them without any reason. If God has decided to bring the love back into your life then they help you to get your ex-girlfriend back with the same love and feeling. You should try to appreciate their work and try to impress her again. You will surely get her again and never get separated again.

Powerful mantras to get back your ex

Om Hrim Kaali Kapaaline Ghoornaseenee Vishwam Vimohya Jagnamohya Sarva Mohya Mohya Thah Thah Thah Swaha

Ganesha Mantra

“Om Gan Ganpataye Namah”



These mantras help you to bring your ex-girlfriend back into your life with the right method. Make sure when you start chanting these mantras, you wear fresh clothes and do it with complete positivity in mind. You should choose the right path, and by chanting these mantras, you can get the right partner. With the help of these solutions of Pandit Kapil Sharma, you will surely get your ex-girlfriend back. If God and destiny had planned to bring both of you together then you both live happily and no one separates you at any cost. If these solutions are not working then you should meet Pandit Kapil Sharma and he will find out more accurate solutions for your love life. He is an expert and resolves all the issues of their loved ones quickly and brings love again into their life.

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