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Shabar Dhumavati Sadhana

Amongst the ten maha vidya, the place of Dhoomavati is the seventh and this form of Divine Goddess is very fierce. This form represents the opposite of prosperity and everything that the Goddess Lakshmi represents but then also she is puristically the form of Lakshmi. According to Hindu mythology, Lord Shiva was not invited for a yagna that was undertaken by Daksh Prajapati ( father of Goddess Sati ). Taking this as an offense to her husband Lord Shiva, Goddess Sati lit herself up and ends her life to give the smoke coming up from her the form of Goddess Dhoomavati.images (1)Similarly, there are many instances about the origin of Dhoomavati, in which many were contextual to mythology and many are based on people’s beliefs.

A famous yogi, Sidh Charpatnath, belonged to the highly reputed Nath Lineage has a very large amount of literary work in the form of Sadhnas related to Goddess Dhoomavati. He was an avid worshipper of Goddess Dhoomavati. He wrote many religious texts on Goddess Dhoomavati and had formed many Shabar mantras.

Here I’m giving a very prevalent Shabar Mantra of Goddess Dhoomavati which will be giving very fast results.

In cases of court cases etc or facing your dire enemies, this mantra proves to be highly beneficial and effective.

By worshipping Goddess Dhoomavati, a person can become victorious over any obstacle and his opponents will be rendered speechlessly mute to his presence.

|| Mantra ||

ॐ पाताल निरंजन निराकार
Om Paataal Niranjan Nirakaar
आकाश मंडल धुन्धुकार
Aakash Mandal Dhundhukaar
आकाश दिशा से कौन आई
Aakash Disha Se Kaun Aayi
कौन रथ कौन असवार
Kaun Rath Kaun Aswaar
थरै धरत्री थरै आकाश
Tharey Dhartri Tharey Aakaash
विधवा रूप लम्बे हाथ
Vidhwa Roop Lambey Haath
लम्बी नाक कुटिल नेत्र दुष्टा स्वभाव
Lambi Naak Kutil Netra Dushta Swabhav
डमरू बाजे भद्रकाली
Damru Baajey Bhadrakaali
क्लेश कलह कालरात्रि
kalesh Kalah Kaalratri
डंका डंकिनी काल किट किटा हास्य करी
Danka Dankini Kaal Kit Kita Hasya kari
जीव रक्षन्ते जीव भक्षन्ते
Jeev Rakshante Jeev Bhakshante
जाया जीया आकाश तेरा होये
Jaaya Jeeya Aakash Tera Hoye
धुमावंतीपुरी में वास
Dhumavantipuri Mei Vaas
ना होती देवी ना देव
Naa Hoti Devi Na Dev
तहाँ ना होती पूजा ना पाती
Tahan Naa Hoti Puja Na Paati
तहाँ ना होती जात न जाती
Tahan Naa Hoti Jaat Na Jaati
तब आये श्री शम्भु यती गुरु गोरक्षनाथ
Tab Aaye Shri Shambhu Yati Guru Gorakshnath
आप भई अतीत
Aap Bhayi Ateet
ॐ धूं: धूं: धूमावती फट स्वाहा !
Om Dhung Dhung Dhoomavati Phat Swaha

|| Procedure ||

For 41 days, 1 mala of this mantra is to be chanted. One oil lamp is lit and halwa (Indian sweet dish) be offered to the Goddess. Do not perform the said procedure in your home by any means, only perform it outside your house. Mantra will be energized in the duration of your 41 days of Sadhna and you shall obtain the Siddi of this mantra.

|| Methods of Use – 1 ||

In case of any enemy creating problems for you, chant this mantra for 11 days in the same procedure said above, and mind you the location of performing this act should a place where no human trespasses, ( eg. forests). After finishing the chant on each of the 11 days, pray to the Goddess..

“ Dear Mother ! Go and reside in the residence of my enemy named XYZ “

After such a procedure, your enemy will have quarrels in his/her house and the enemy will be forced to leave his house.

|| Methods of Use – 2 ||

Find the plant of bowstring hemp ( also called calotrope, crown flower, giant milkweed, swallow-wort ) in a burial ground. Write the name of your enemy on a healthy leaf of the same plant with its own milky fluid.

Now find Acacia nilotica tree in another burial ground and take one of its thorns. Enchant the thorn with the Dhoomavati Mantra by chanting it 108 times and then piercing the same above said leaf with it.

Perform the same procedure for 5 days in a row and you shall see that your enemy will get a high fever, same condition will be prevalent for atleast two months in a row.

Note – This mantra has got some other dangerous uses which can even destroy your enemy’s whole family line forever. Thus taking in view that no more of dangerous uses can be drawn from this mantra, I hereby restrict myself from writing more uses for this mantra. All of you shall be responsible for their own sins incurred by commiting sinful acts such as misuse of this mantra.

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