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In this world, marriage is the most important and beautiful thing which joins two families with the marriage of two people. Every marriage has many issues some of them are big and some are small, the small issues do not affect your married life so much but the big issues in your married life can affect you and your partner’s life very badly. So you have to take an important step to make your married life happy or to leave your marriage but to leave the marriage is not so easy because of fear of loneliness and do not have any idea of your future.

To live in that marriage is very difficult for a person where so many issues are present but to leave that relationship is also not so easy because of loneliness in the future. But you should leave that relationship for your better future where you have to face many troubles. Many signs of a failing marriage decide that you do not want to live in that relationship.

If you feel that your partner does not want to hear or see you or your partner is very busy in their work as he/she does not have time to spend with you. Because of this, you feel lonely and unhappy in your married life. Having no physical relationship, started keeping secrets, do not want to spend time with each other, having arguments on little things, and many more.

Signs your marriage is failing in 2022-

There are many things which decide for your marriage to end, by the way, every relationship is exclusive but there can be many problems in that relationship which lives in sadness. Your spouse has no time to hear another spouse from which you feel very unhappy and sad which leads to your marriage failing, like this, there are many signs of struggling marriage.

 But you can solve this problem by astrology, Vashikaran is the best option of astrology to solve the problem related to marriage and for Vashikaran astrology, you can contact our famous astrologer Pandit Kapil Sharma. He is a world-famous Vashikaran astrologer who uses his best skills to solve a problem. He provides a mantra to live happily in married life-

“Om Hreem Yogini YoginiYogeswari Yoga BhayankariSakalaSthavara

JangamasyaMukhaHrudayam Mama VasamAkarshaAkarshayaNamaha:”

These mantras can solve your issues in married life, you have to use these mantras for a happy married life according to the direction of the astrologer. 

Marriage failing warning signs in 2022-

in this modern period, there are many issues in all fields, so married life also has many issues. Every married couple and married life has many problems that can end up your marriage but there are some signs of ending up a marriage like-

  1. Both spouses always criticize each other
  2. Lack of sex in your relationship
  3. Any of the spouses like to spend time with each other
  4. Thinking about an extramarital affair
  5. Both of you started keeping secrets
  6. Feeling lonely in the relationship

These are the marriage failing warning signs that decide that your marriage is going to end and the result is divorce. But you save your marriage by astrology in which the astrologer provides the powerful mantra to avoid divorce like-


ॐह्रींस: (पतिपत्नीकानाम) वशमानयस्वाहा:

ततौययौरामपुरोगमै: शनै : | सृगालमध्यदिवभागह्रूध्दति : ||

 By chanting these powerful mantras you can save your married life from divorce and live happily with your partner which is provided by the expert astrologer who is our Pandit Kapil Sharma. He has a great knowledge of Vashikaran by which he can solve your all problems related to marriage and love and others. That is why you should contact him for help when you are in a critical situation.

10 signs your marriage is failing in 2022-

In this busy and modern world, divorce and ending a relationship soon is a major problem for all. Because of the work and other factors, people get busy in their work and cannot give time to their spouse which leads to bitterness in the relationship. At the ending of your relationship, you see many that signs my marriage is failingwhich you can improve by astrology. Pandit Kapil Sharma is a well-known person in the field of astrology who solves all types of problems for you. The sign of marriage that decides that your marriage is going to end is-

  1. You are feeling alone in your relationship.
  2. Both of you do not want to spend time with each other.
  3. Both spouses do not get help from each other.
  4. One of the spouses has worried about finance.
  5. In the relationship, there is a lack of sex.
  6. The fight is love and both stop fighting.
  7. One of them thinks about an extramarital affair.
  8. At present, you are still connected to your ex.
  9. One of the spouses cannot give time to another.
  10. One of them is not giving priority to another.

These are the sign which can end up your married life and live you in sadness that is why you have to chant the mantras provided by the astrologer and the mantras are-



(यदिलड़कीप्रयोगकररहीहैतोमंत्रमें ‘पत्नी’कीजगह ‘पति’शब्दकाप्रयोगकरें।)

You can chant this mantra according to the given direction by the astrologer Pandit Kapil Sharma. With this powerful and effective method of astrologer, you can solve your love and marriage-related problems very easily because astrology is very famous to solve these kinds of issues.

Stages of a dying marriage in 2022-

In this world, every relationship has many issues some are big and some are small and some big issues are very dangerous for your marriage. There are four stages for deciding that your marriage is dying-

  1. Disillusionment
  2. Erosion
  3. Detachment
  4. The straw

These are the stages of a dying marriage and at these stages, many people want to take divorce and to leave the relationship. But all these problems can be solved by vashikaran astrology and Pandit Kapil Sharma is the best known for Vashikaran, if you have any problem related to marriage love, and business then he gave you a powerful mantra that can solve your problems.

The Shiva Parvati Mantra for a happy married life is as follows:

“Om Hreem Yogini YoginiYogeswari Yoga BhayankariSakalaSthavara

JangamasyaMukhaHrudayam Mama VasamAkarshaAkarshayaNamaha”

These are very powerful and valuable mantras chanting from which you can solve your all problems in your married life. You can save your married life to be broken by these mantras of vashikaran astrology provided by Pandit Kapil Sharma.

Signs a man is unhappy in his marriage-

There are such many relationships in which both spouses have to face many troubles because of many reasons. In the busy and modern world, matching of thoughts of both spouses is very difficult because of this they meet a fight with each other, again and again fighting on same matter can lead to end the marriage and divorce. There are some signs a man is unhappy in his marriage below-

  1. He talks about leaving his wife in-jokes
  2. Often complaints about his wife
  3. He makes excuses to come into the house
  4. The loving conversation has stopped in between both spouses
  5. He started to take the drugs

All these signs can decide that a man is unhappy with the marriage partner but do not worry, you can solve this problem by vashikaran and for vahsikaran you can get in touch with Pandit Kapil Sharma. He can give you a mantra for happy marriage as-

Some Powerful Mantra for Marriage

Marriage Mantra – #1

“He Gauri Shankarardhangini| YathaTvamShankaraPriya | TathaMang Kuru Kalyani | Kant KantaSudurlabham ||

Marriage Mantra – #2


These mantras are very useful for your happy marriage because sometimes you are unhappy marriage but can’t leave. So by chanting these mantras you can stay in your marriage with your partner happy and can save your marriage which you do not want to leave. That is why Vashikaran is a very useful method to solve such problems.

Signs of a bad husband-

There are many signs that decide that you have a bad husband like he does not give the priorities to you, he is busy in his job so much, he is of traditional so much, he is hardly supporting you in anything and many more things. Pandit Kapil Sharma can answer your all problems with his best skills and mantras of vashikaran astrology. He gave a mantra for a good husband as below-


These mantras can help you to find answers to your question how to live in a marriage even i don’t like my husband but i don’t want a divorce. So you can live in your relationship with your husband happily when you don’t want a divorce, in this way you can change your sad married life into happy married life.

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