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Learn here what are the signs of healing with twin flames – Spiritual healer and Twin Flame

Pandit Kapil Sharma Ji, an expert in Vedic astrology, palm reading, love vashikaran trained professional, and gemstone consultancy, is now a well-known name among those seeking love issue remedies. Love is the most wonderful and rewarding sensation on the earth these days, yet it has become a scourge rather than a refuge in recent years. Love was once thought to have the power to change people’s lives. To attain a great deal more success.

However, it has now become a source of disruption and disappointment in a variety of everyday concerns. Contact Pandit Kapil Sharma Ji to get rid of all your love problems and to know HOW TO HEAL YOUR SELF TWIN FLAME. A spell in all, you’ll need to hire a professional who specialists in resolving love problems.

What Is a Twin Flame Relationship?

What Is a Twin Flame Relationship

There’s a good chance you’ve come across the term “twin flame” while browsing the internet. It’s also possible that you dismissed the idea, associating twin flames with soul mates. And because you’ve heard it all before, you just kept reading thinking the internet’s end is near. The terms “twin flame love” and ‘soul mate’ are frequently misunderstood and interchanged. A twin flame relationship, on the other hand, goes beyond what you think of when you think of soul mates. A twin flame is a spiritual connection that is extremely powerful. A “mirror soul” or a person’s ‘other half’ is a better description of a twin flame and TWIN FLAME HEALING STAGE.

A Twin Flame Connection is not the same as a soul mate Connection. The Twin Flame connection, as you can see, serves two purposes. To begin with, it is a culmination of many previous incarnations that has established its own karmic values, both positive and negative, and to continue with, there is a spiritual life purpose or life mission relevant to the life we are currently living.

In reality, the Twin Flame connection is two parts of the same soul inhabiting two physical bodies. The purpose of the Twin Flame Journey is for all karma from previous lifetimes to be balanced together, and for them to telepathically mirror one another to reach that point of spiritual evolution and vibrations where, when divine timing is found, they come together in spiritual purity and vibration to shine their spiritual light upon the world, in order to heal the planet and mankind and to tell HOW TO HEAL FROM TWIN FLAME SEPARATION.

Twin Flame and connection with the spirit:

The Twin Flame trip is a test of the Spirit’s endurance. This is not a spiritual or physical journey for the faint of heart. It is to be complimented on the souls who go on this trip. The Spirit within is aware of the challenges ahead and is preparing for them by constantly working to improve the conscious intellect. It feels earth-shattering when the conscious mind is awakened to the voyage. In our surroundings, there is no cognitive comprehension of this coupling. In many respects, you’re not only plunging into the deep end emotionally, but you’re also bumbling your way through a voyage that appears to be devoid of any sort of navigation.

There are times when you feel as if insanity is knocking at your door, and the situation feels strange and out of sync with the rest of the world. Your logical brain, together with your acquired behaviors and fundamental material comprehension of your reality, makes no sense, and the separation from your twin produces an inward hole that cannot be filled. It can feel like an obsession at times, and it may appear insane at times, but you would stop these feelings if you could, since they hurt.

Pandit Kapil Sharma Ji may do a thorough examination of your problem. His skills in astrology, palmistry, horoscope matchmaking, gemstone matching, and Vastu come in handy when it comes to examining your problem from several angles and recommending the best and most precise solution that would bring you peace and happiness in your life. He will also tell you about the TWIN FLAME HEALING POWERS.

Attraction of the souls:

The fact is that your souls are calling to one another, tugging towards one another, and each twin’s physical body is in a state of flux because it does not recognise that the souls want to be re-joined as one again at this time. HEALING CORE WOUNDS OF TWIN FLAMES is exceptionally an art. Even though the two spirits will cry out to each other to be reunited during this period, the best course of action if you find yourself in this scenario is to focus on yourself. To awaken to your entire spiritual nature within the physical form, and to not only love, forgive, and cleanse all negativity from your past and present, but also to maintain a condition of grounding and balance.

Importance of the violet flame:

Try to employ the Violet Flame when you meditate, which is recommended doing on a daily basis, since it is highly powerful and will benefit you on many levels. For all flames on their journey, the Violet Flame is the most powerful Universal energy. Even though you are meeting on the astral plane while your physical body sleeps, the desire for a permanent reunion is so strong that as you awaken to this journey and accept and surrender to the connection, by offering unconditional love to yourself and your twin, and asking for divine guidance, protection, and healing, the physical reunion will be closer to you in divine timing.

When you meet your twin at some point throughout your quest, you will receive SIGNS YOUR TWIN FLAME LOVES YOU, it’s an instant Soul Shock, and the Runner/Chaser storey usually begins. The spiritual awareness of one of the twins will be greater than the other. In most cases, this twin is the chaser and the feminine soul. The runner twin, usually the masculine counterpart, who runs. They’re not fleeing from you; they’re fleeing from the tremendous emotions they’re experiencing, which are overwhelming to them because they’re not as spiritually aware as you are.

Pandit Kapil Sharma Ji is highly motivated person who will let you know about the depth of twin flame healing.

Twin flame and the Universe:

However, we can never get away from ourselves, and the Universe has been working on getting you both to the point where you can be together, in the right energetic vibration to achieve perfect bliss and ignite the twin flame, for the benefit of the planet as well as yourselves, for the entirety of your life. However, as all know, this is not a simple path, and the twins have agreed on soul contracts, karma and karmic relationships, and a life purpose, as well as a divine time to reunite and continue the journey together in perfect vibrating happiness.

The good news is that they have an energetic connection so strong that they can telepathically communicate with one another. They meet and spend time together in the astral planes while their physical bodies sleep, and although they are consciously unaware of each other’s stories, they help one another heal and raise the vibration with their unconditional love. They re-join in the spiritual realms rather than the physical realms in some circumstances, which are in the minority.

The reunion phase:

The other issue that you must accept in order to comprehend this voyage is that the Universe or Spirit is not ruled by the same calendar and clock that we are. To the Universe, twenty, thirty, or forty years are simply minutes and seconds. The tapestry of life takes on a greater significance here as well, and it is as the tapestry comes together that the divine moment emerges. There have been cases where people have waited thirty or forty years to see their twin. Still, it’s not about the time, but rather about the lessons we’ve chosen to learn, the karma and karmic relationships we’ve decided to balance, and the experiences and endurances we’ve gone through to learn the skills required to fulfil our life purpose, and while the twin reunion is usually about romantic love in the physical, it’s about unconditional love in so many ways.

These unions were once referred to as “affinities” by spiritual teachers and were considered as TWIN FLAME RECONNECTION SIGNS, but as the new order emerges to assist our entire planet in awakening to their spiritual selves and connecting with one another regardless of race, creed, or religion these twin flames and the light and vibration that they emit are why we hear of so many of them on their journey to join all the light workers. That, then, is true wealth.

Question & Answers

Do twin flames heal at the same time?

If a female twin soul is unable to flee due to her anxieties, the male twin soul may be unable to flee as well. It’s highly likely that if a twin soul is fascinated with an addiction or a theme in her life, the male twin soul has the same exact tendencies. If he notices this and is aware of and willing to change the addiction, dread of leaving a place, or obsession, she will heal on her own.

If two twin souls are conscious of their twin soul union, they will begin to heal each other by reflecting the addiction, drama, fear, or cycle. When one of the two releases any of these patterns, the other can automatically heal as well.

How do I heal to my twin flame?

Healing is a natural process that occurs over time as you learn to accept your role as a Twin Flame. It all starts with you agreeing to fully open your heart to the changes taking place in your life and to grow as a result. When you go on a healing road, you must accept yourself. This is a difficult period because you must look within yourself and embrace the darkest aspects of yourself that you had hidden away in the hope of never having to face them again.

When you learn to surrender and let go of worrying about your twin flame, you will begin to heal. All of your prior pain rises to the surface, which is why the Twin Flame connection is such a blessing because you are comforted by the shared energy you share with your Twin Flame. You always feel the existence of your Twin Flame’s presence, no matter how lonely your trip becomes.

How long do twin flame stages last?

Twin flames must go through various stages before reconnecting and remaining together indefinitely.

They are as follows:

  • Hankering towards the one
  • Taking a look at them or meeting them
  • Love at first sight (hopelessly)
  • The ideal partnership
  • The stage of upheaval
  • The stage of chasing and running
  • Surrender
  • Reunion

Every twin flame pair has to go through the twin flame stages. The dual flame stages might take a variety of times to complete. It’s pointless to give a time estimate for each stage because it fluctuates so much. For example, some twin flame couples may have a running stage that lasts around 2-3 months, while others may experience a running period that lasts only a few weeks or a few years. It fluctuates a great deal. What’s most important to remember is that if you work on yourself and elevate your vibrations to match your twin flame and core frequency, the initial few stages will go by much faster.

Pandit Kapil Sharma Ji is a genuine astrologer, who has a long history of dealing with spiritual challenges and proposing answers for them, may work wonders in your spiritual life.

Physical signs that twin flame union is near yours


  • You’re filled with anticipation
  • You’re noticing signals of new beginnings.
  • You think about your twin flame in your dreams and daydreams.
  • You’ve completed your transformation.
  • Symbols and images appear to you.
  • You sense the presence of your twin soul beside you.
  • You feel as if you’ve already reunited.
  • You communicate with your twin flame in meditation or on a spiritual realm.

These techniques assist you in attracting your twin flame into your real life and vice versa. Basically, the more you daydream about them, engage with them, and sense their presence, the more attracted they will be to you, and you will finally celebrate your twin flame reunion. To hasten the reunion process and improve your ability to recognise the signs, spend a few minutes each day meditating or simply inhaling deeply and cleansing your thoughts of all the negative energy and toxicity that has gathered in your body.

How can I attract my twin flame fast?

The world around us is shaped by our intentions and beliefs, and the same can be true about how and when we connect with our Twin Flame. The Law of Attraction, which is the foundation of this philosophy, explains the universal law that ‘like attracts like.’ One creates what he/she thinks about, whether it’s positive or negative thoughts. So, in order to attract your Twin Flame, you must magnetise them to you, according to the Law of Attraction. We all have the intrinsic ability to attract the people and things we desire into our life, including the partner of our dreams.

When it comes to the power of co-creation, there are no bounds in our Universe. As a spiritual entity, you can simply use the power of belief to create an intention and bring that concept to existence. Knowing in your heart that you have a Twin Flame whose soul is yearning to connect with yours will assist you to send that intention out into the Universe and attract that person into your life. Spirituality is a good energy, yet if it is disturbed, it can cause grief. According to astrologer Pandit Kapil Sharma Ji, the power of deep devotion can be strengthened once more.

How do you recognize your twin flame?

There are several signs and patterns that the Universe sends to help recall a Twin Flame relationship:

  • There’s an overwhelming connection between you and them that you’ve never felt before.
  • You have a sense of being in balance, being understood, and being in sync with Source energy.
  • You see them in your dreams and visions, and you can feel their presence approaching before they emerge.
  • Synchronicity are becoming more common.
  • A powerful sense of “coming home” pervades.
  • You have the impression that you have met this individual before. Because of your shared heritage, you can recall vivid former life memories and some current life experiences elicit intense emotions.
  • They are a good match for you.
  • Likes and dislikes, personalities, manner, talents and weaknesses all differ significantly. The strength of one is the weakness of the other.
  • You have a strong telepathic/psychic bond.
  • When you met, it’s likely that one or both of you were already in another relationship or weren’t ready for a new one.
  • Throughout the ups and downs of life, the partnership evolves.
  • Separation is painful and unsettling, and you’re at your best when you’re together.

How do you know your twin flame misses you?

Along the way, your twin flame trip is filled of signals and symbolism. Most of them will go unnoticed, and they exist solely to serve your subconscious, but if you keep your eyes open and hunt for them, you’ll begin to notice it happening all around you. Your running flame is showing the same symptoms as you and generally at the same moment. Keep in mind that all of this is taking place before the two of you have even met. You’ve become so accustomed to them that it’s difficult to notice them unless you actively seek them out.

The desire to collaborate and develop on shared goals is a typical quality in twin flame relationships. This occurs more frequently after the union stage, but it is also a common sign that your flame is thinking of you throughout the separation period. This is undoubtedly one they will encounter, and they will typically do so at the same time.

How is certain that your twin flame loves you?

How is certain that your twin flame loves you

So, if you’re wondering if there are signals that your twin flame truly loves you, the answer is yes. Yes, there are numerous signals that your twin flame loves you; all you have to do is pay attention to the environment around you and look for the signs that the universe will send your way. If you pay attention, you’ll notice your twin flame’s reminders and begin to recognise the tactics they use to let you know that their heart is with you, even if you’re not together right now.

Even though your twin flame is thousands of miles away from you right now, they are still your other half. Life will eventually bring the two of you back together, regardless of the circumstances or the distance you are currently experiencing. Simply improve yourself and learn to appreciate yourself for who you are as a person to prepare for your reunion. Your twin flame will express their love for you in whatever way they can until the day you are reunited.

What happens right before a twin flame union?

For no apparent reason, you are joyful, thrilled, and elated. You are simply happy, despite the fact that not much has happened or changed in your immediate surroundings or situations. You are radiating love without being prompted to do so; in other words, you have become unconditional.

You are no longer pursued by recurring numbers and synchronicity all day, every day. Many individuals seek solace in the signs and symbols, but they are truly there to serve as a course correction and to help you get on your way to Union. Although 11:11 will still be present, the barrage of indicators will diminish because you are now on the right track.

Twin flames are disintegrating and becoming empty and sorrowful at the same time. This is the storey of the majority of today’s youth all across the world. That is what prompted the response. Contact the finest astrologer in India, Pandit Kapil Sharma Ji, for answers to a wide variety of concerns, regardless of what kind of relationship trouble you have, how grieved love or married life you have.


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