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Signs Your Spouse Would Be Cheating on you – Astrology Support

Marriage is a car and husband and wife are the two wheels of that car. If one wheel is not working properly then the car will crash down and it will end the marriage. Are you a victim of infidelity? Is your partner cheating on you? Do you want to know married woman cheating signs? There are many couples who are very good in hiding their extra marital affair and hence the other partner takes a long time to come in terms with the cheating that other partner is doing with them. 


Whether you want to know characteristics of a cheating woman or physical signs your husband is cheating then these below mentioned points are useful for you:


  1. Improve in the appearance- if your partner suddenly takes interest in the appearance. They start to use many tricks to look attractive then it is time to know that they are in a relationship out of marriage. If there is new addition in their basic fashion sense, you must be aware that your partner is cheating on you. It is one of the physical signs your wife is cheating. 
  2. Secret gadget- Do you want to know what are the physical signs of cheating? In marital cheating they will try to guard their life with the help of another set of gadget. If you see that they have password enabled phone or laptop which was not the case before then understand that your partner is cheating on you. If the partner is taking phone to every place including bathroom then chances are high that your partner is talking someone secretly as a cheating partner. If you ask about their phone or to give the phone, they continuously ignore or say no to your request because it is the signs your husband is sexing. Their body language will change when any message or phone comes in an odd timing and they will go far away from you to take the call. 
  3. Moment of unreachable- if your partner is on a work trip or working late but if you call then the phone always answer to “unreachable” then it is the good sign to know that your partner is cheating on you. This situation can happen one or two time but if it a regular habit for every hour when your partner is on work trip then it is a sign. It is cell phone signs she’s cheating.
  4. More or less six in married life- if there is both increase or decrease in the sexual intimacy. If your partner has less sex that means the emotional connection of sex is missing. If the so is more then it is a sign that your partner is hiding the illicit relationship with more sex. In this kind of sex, both partners do not feel any emotional connection when having sex. If you suddenly find that your partner is using new technique in sex that means that he or she is learning the trick outside the marital relationship. 
  5. Partner is hostile- when a partner is cheating in a marital relationship, then it becomes easy to play rational in the marriage. The one partner will put the every blame on the other partner like they are not adventurous on bed, they do not look the way they were when they get married and hence it makes the cheating partner feel that they can have little fun outside the marriage. 
  6. Change in schedule- a partner who was always on time, never need any time to work late and always honest about the whereabouts suddenly started working late or giving as many exercises as they can when they are late or miss something that you both have to attend together. A cheating partner started following an altered schedule and becomes forgetful of any activity that the other partner asks him or her. It is a basic sign that the partner is cheating over you. 
  7. Expenses increases unexpectedly- if both you and your partner manages the expenses together and suddenly you have bills of too many expenditures in false names, then doubt comes naturally. The cheating partner will give you innumerable explanations without much valid reasons. This is because the cheating partner spend the money on trips, gifts and unwanted showers of love with too many gifts to a person outside marriage. 
  8. Emotional intimacy lacks- in a marriage emotional intimacy is everything. It keeps the marriage car going. With the help of emotional intimacy, both partners show trust on each other, share secrets of life, desires. There are no boundaries in couples when emotional intimacy is high. But if a partner is cheating then slowly this emotional intimacy fades. It covers up with lies and disrespect and continuous fights.
  9. Partner avoids of confrontation- if you have a slight of doubt of cheating and if you first ask it to your partner, then the natural basic reaction is to avoid it. The partner straightaway goes into denial mode. The cheating partner will rather change the ball game and put the blame on the other partner of thinking too much. It is like they are smart in playing these games. 
  10. Friend being too nice to you- chances are high that a friend of cheating partner knows about the illicit relationship and the behavior of that friend is either too sweet with you or that person is always there to explain everything in absence of your partner. It is like that friend is your spokesperson who will cover up the situation that looks out of control for your partner.


These are the guaranteed signs of cheating. Emotional or physical cheating are both not healthy for a marriage. It can create a big impact in your life. It is definitely a reason in which a partner moves out of the marriage to have some fun which is legally not good. In that case, taking help from Indian Vashikaran guru is the best idea. There are many other signs of illicit relationship. If you still feel that you want to save your marriage or bring back your partner from that illicit relationship, then seeking help from the Vashikaran expert is the ideal solution.


The expert knows how to keep balance in a marriage and how they can use the mantras to chant and bring that zeal back in the relationship. It looks easy but the partner needs dedication to work on the marriage. 


How does cheating starts?


Suppose you meet someone and you both get along too fast and the chemistry in between you two sparks instantly. You love to spend the with that person and you can go to any extreme to meet that person at least for once. You have no time for current partner, lose interest in current partner and on the other hand friendship blooms with other person. You always try to give justification in your current relationship to hide the affair. In your heart, you know you are wrong but you do not accept it. It becomes impossible to control your feelings in that case you will understand that you are having an extra marital affair and you are cheating on your partner. 


Why it becomes difficult to avoid cheating?


Cheating is like addiction. You know what you are doing is bad on you both mentally and physically. But, it is like you are fulfilling that need. If you are someone who is in search of intellectual thoughts and you are not getting that same vibe from your partner then you get attracted to the person whose brain speaks and completes your mental needs. With one that extra message or call, you show interest towards that one person who is not your partner. Even if you know that he talks, calls and meetings will not end anywhere or has no future still you take chance to be with that person. Now you know what are the physical signs of cheating. But, if that other person is not from your married relationship then it becomes hard for you to let go of that fulfilment. Hence, this allowed you to continue with cheating and make it hard for you to leave cheating. 


What solution for ways to cheating in relationship


If you ask the question is how to prevent cheating in a relationship, then answer is right here. If you are someone who realizes that you are being unfaithful towards your partner then you can take help of Indian Vashikaran expert. The concerned person will tell you some basic steps to follow and you can overcome these cheating consequences. These below are the tips for coping when your partner is unfaithful. 


  • Avoid calls and messages
  • Every time you urge to meet someone new, then remember that you have partner whom you love.
  • Do not think that what you don’t have
  • If something you feel missing in between you and your partner, then try to reestablish that things
  • If someone manipulates you to be in a relationship then be strong to end that manipulation.
  • Have clear discussion with your partner about what you want from relationship
  • There is no right moment to stop cheating so do not wait for right moment.
  • Stop comparing and criticizing the partner all the time.
  • Do not feel negative about your relationship all the time.
  • Consult and book an appointment with therapist for couple counselling.


Life is a journey and you will meet innumerable people who is beautiful, smart and tempting. If you meet one then you will meet another one even more attractive than the previous one. But one thing you should know that no one is perfect and you have to understand it and it will give you the confidence that you will stay loyal with your partner. Cheating never takes you anywhere and you are not perfect too. One person cannot fulfill your overall needs that does not mean you have to be judgmental all the time. You must focus on working on your relationship better and effective. 


Mantra for getting your love back


With the help of the mantras you can stop the husbands having any extra marital affairs. You can even take Astro remedies to end any kind of husband illegal relationship. Taking the help of Indian Vashikaran guru, you can use total to remove these extra marital affairs of the husbands. If you know how to treat a cheating husband, then you call chant this mantra. 


The mantras are very effective and it gives prior solutions to the problems. The mantras are mainly in Sanskrit and hence the pronunciation of these mantras has to be effective and clear. If the pronunciation is not clear then the mantra will have reverse effect and it can even backfire you badly. Mail the expert, or call them or even visit the center to get perfect remedies of the problem. Mantra has different value and if you follow correctly then it will save your life. The mantra is to know how to ignore a cheating husband as well. 




This mantra is specifically for the husbands who are cheating their wives. You need to recite this mantra for 41 days and do not give gap in between. In a day, you have to read this mantra for 91 times. You will see the difference after a week that your husband will love you again. They will not involve in any illicit relationship. 




This is the mantra to stop the extra marital affairs and one needs to recite it for 1001 times. You can complete the recitation of the mantra in a week or a day. It has to complete in 11 days. Then you will get all the success and there will be no problem. 


|| OM AIM EEL OOM (wife’s name) Vashyam Vashyam Oom Eim Aim Phat ||


It is a Vashikaran mantra which has Trishakti Bheeja sounds. Once you chant this mantra you will notice the change and your wife will listen to you and love you. You must chant this mantra on Friday and it will give beneficial result. 


Take bath early morning, then wear white clothes then sit in the east direction with your face in the east. Now chant this mantra for 5 times in a day. For 11 days, you have to do this Sahana and there will be no gap in the middle. You have to do the Sahana in the same time everyday for the better result. Then you will notice that your wife is listening to you and it is coming in your control. When you achieve the result you will feed birds and fishes on the Friday. 


|| OM NAMAH KAAMAKSHI DEVI (wife’s name) Naari Me Vashyam Kuru Kuru Swaha || 


This powerful mantra helps you clear all the misunderstanding with your wife. If the wife is angry because of an argument and then left you then this mantra will be useful and it will allow you to come back to you. It is so powerful mantra that it will act in the subconscious mind of your wife and she will rectify the mistake and reduce the stubbornness. 


You must chant this mantra on Tuesday. Sit east facing and chant for 108 times on a daily basis for 11 days. While you chant the mantra keep a photo of the wife in front and after successful completion you will see that wife will come to you apologizing for the situation. Chanting these mantras will help you get the love back in your life which was missing from your life. The mantras will help you how to stop the cycle of cheating. You will get the love from your spouse if you chant this mantra on a regular basis. These are the ways to avoid cheating on your partner


What are tips to resist the urge of cheating?


  1. Firstly, think that if you have a beautiful family wife and children then what will happen if you will cheat with your partner. It is not a normal situation. You will not have a normal life once again. So, before you invest in any illicit relationship think of back of your invested relationship.


  1. Secondly, if anything is missing in your relationship then try to find out the same in your relationship. It will help you understand what is missing in your life and both of you try to find out the same. 


  1. Thirdly, if you have serious crush in your life then remember it is just a empty ion and you have to eliminate that temptation seriously. 


  1. Fourthly, think what you will gain if you continue with cheating and if there is no fruitful answer then stop cheating right now. 


Lastly, take some time for yourself and understand what you want from your life, current relationship. 




Therefore, it is time for you to follow all the above steps, taking Indian Vashikaran guru’s help and ensure that you and your partner will stay happy. 

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