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Astrological Ways to Get Your Ex-Love Back: Being involved in a partnership is like having someone who loves you, cares about you, supports you in pursuing your goals, and inspires you to act. But when your love disappears or ends the relationship, things become complex. One of the prevalent problems in today’s society is couples breaking up and fighting. The disagreements between the spouses are a result of their lack of understanding of one another’s perspectives on many issues. No, regardless of how hard you try, individuals can sometimes still leave you, but you can get your ex back with the use of astrological remedies.

The most common query is “how can I get my ex-lover again in my life?” Relationship troubles can occasionally stem from more than just outward manifestations; they may also have invisible causes that can only be resolved by astrology. The primary influences on a person’s life, including their work, education, and love life, are their planets and horoscope. Because of the incorrect positioning of the planets, a person may lose their better half. Here are a few astrological methods for winning your ex back.

Top Vedic Astrological Methods to Win Your Ex-Love Back

Your love life is heavily influenced by astrology. a lot more than you may anticipate. It has an impact on whether your relationships work out. Therefore, it is always preferable to seek astrological treatments whenever your romantic life takes a turn for the worst. It is the easiest and most powerful technique to restart your relationship.

Here are some astrological ways to win back your ex-lover or forecasts to do so to have a good love life moving forward:

  • Gather the oil which touches the feet of your ex-lover and store it in a soft towel together with 21 urad dal grains and 7 cloves. Holding the cloth, close it, and offer a prayer to goddess Ishtar Dev for love. Having prayed in the river via the cloth. It will assist in letting your ex-lovers know how much you still care about them.
  • To rekindle the love that was lost in your relationship, try to meet up with your ex-lover on a full moon night.
  • Grab a pan or a betel leaf. Your ex-lover will return to you if you write their name on it and put it in a bottle of honey.
  • To win back your ex-heart, lovers make an offering of flutes anywhere at Lord Krishna temple close to your home.
  • Use honey before doing Rudra Abhishek. For all the females, worshipping the Shiva Linga helps them win back their ex-boyfriends.
  • Giving Durga Mata a crimson shawl in exchange for her blessing on your relationship would make your partner yearn for you.
  • Wear a diamond, an opal, or a zircon to win back your ex-lover. These stones stand in for Venus, the goddess of love.
  • Pick up some sand from around their feet, bind it into a green cloth, and, after appealing to your God, dump it in a river to get your ex back.
  • Recite the mantra “Om Lakshmi Narayan Namah” 21 times throughout the day while dreaming about your ex-lover if you desire to wed your ex-lover.
  • Girls wear white clothing on Thursdays and green bangles on Sawan Maas to symbolize Venus and Shukra, the planets that govern love and relationships in personal life.
  • Wearing a Gauri Shankar rudraksha to go and get married to the person of your dreams or to get your ex back. To ignite the rudraksha’s energies, shape it in white gold.
  • Throw away all the black presents and angular things that your ex-lover gave you since they will sour the bond between the two of you.
  • Wear white clothing on Tuesday, present a red rose as well as Jasmine oil anywhere at the temple, and deliver a sincere prayer to get your ex back.

How the Planets Influence Your Love Relationship according to Astrology

These planets could identify problems with love in your marriages. You get rejection if their planets are not arranged correctly. Astro will provide you with astrological solutions that will enable you to overcome your problems and win back your ex-lover.

What planet placements are problematic?

  • whenever the moon is poorly placed in the horoscope’s sixth, twelfth, and eighth houses.
  • whenever the moon is sandwiched by the two most powerful planets.
  • when the fourth home is poor, and the malevolent planet is not present.
  • when Ketu, Rahu, and Saturn are conjoined in the moon’s astrological chart.
  • when the Sun casts a shadow across the Moon.
  • when Rahu, Saturn, the Sun, and Mars are in line with the moon and other problematic planets.

Astrological explanations for an ex-breakup partner’s

Astrology might be useful if you genuinely want to understand why you and your ex-lover split up. Sometimes the causes of the couple’s ongoing conflicts, arguments, and disagreements are not obvious. As we saw above, individual stars play the most significant impact, but there are other elements in our horoscope that might cause a couple to argue, such:

  • Among the partners in a Kundli who may experience ongoing problems in their romantic relationship is Mangal dosh.
  • One of the primary causes of a breakup is dating someone whose stars or horoscopes don’t align with yours.
  • Having Nadi dosha in someone’s Kundli can strain relationships between partners.
  • Black magic or the evil gaze of another person can occasionally cause strange behaviors in marriage.
  • Negative energy from your bed facing the incorrect way can spread throughout your home, resulting in constant arguments between partners.
  • Venus in the incorrect House may also cause problems in relationships.
  • Venus’s conjunction with Mars, Rahu, as well as Saturn, causes the dissolution of a relationship.

Knowing what is in store for you in the future is just one aspect of Vedic astrology. With a thorough knowledge of your partner’s zodiac sign, you can discover more about them. We’re going to give you some astrological advice today on how to use your ex’s zodiac sign to woo them back into your life.

Mantra for strong relationships:

Chanting this mantra at a minimum of 108 times every day for 41 days continuously is required. You should give the individual you are drawn to a red flower while reciting this potent mantra. It is thought that the other person begins to view you from a different angle and becomes attracted to you. This mantra is especially useful if you’ve lost a love that you’d like to have back.

Om UddaMaheshwarayaSarvaJagmohanay

Aan a e e u uuutratraj ft swaha


Because it involves influencing the thoughts of the individual you desire in your life, this spell is a little sneaky and dark, and you should use it at our own risk. If the individual has left them and you want them back in your life, this will work. According to legend, this chant will radiate strong energy all around you, and your ex-lover will feel the impact.

Om Hum (Name of the desired person)

vashyam kuru kuruswaha

This mantra is effective if you already have a relationship and wish to strengthen that connection. There really are moments when you worry that the romance of the connection could soon fade. So, repeat this phrase to strengthen the connection.

Stay tuned to her life for additional information on these mantras, but if you want to be certain before reciting them, you can always speak with a professional.

Om Namah BhagwateRudrava Drishti Lekhi Nahar SwahaDuhaiKansasur G Read Jut JutFura Mantra Ishvarovachaa


Ohm chamunday jai jaistambhay


Mohaymohaysarvste Namah swaha

Rudrav Drishti, Om Namah Bhagavat: Repeat the phrase 108 times every day for three weeks in a row. Without allowing yourself to feel anything bad, visualize yourself being pleased and joyful without your lost love while you recite.

  • Full mantra:Om Namah BhagwateRudrav Drishti
    Lekhi Nahar SwahDuhaiKansasur Ji
    JootJoootPhura Mantra IshwaroVacha

chanting “Om Chamunday Jai JaiStambhya” For 41 days straight, recite this entire mantra 108 times each day. After that, meet with your potential partner and present them with a red flower to pique their interest in you.

  • Full mantra:Om Chamunday Jai JaiStambhya
    MohayMohaySarvaste Namah Swaha

Excellent choices include roses, poppies, tulip, bleeding heart liberals, yarrow, dahlias, scarlet marigolds, anemones, and begonias.

YaLaumaailBihakkiYa Ain YaAjimo: Combine a few drops of water with a little pinch of saffron in a small basin. Write “YaLaumaailBihakkiYa Ain YaAjimo” on a tiny, blank piece of paper after dipping a toothpick in the saffron mixture. By saying the phrase 170 times in a row, you may give your written message more impact. After that, pour a water glass over the paper and present it to your crush.

If you first take a shower and refresh, this mantra will work best for you.

Spiritual authorities advise obscuring the writing with using left hand while grabbing the sheet using your right.