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How bookmakers calculate odds in sports betting

It's easy to find mistakes in bookmakers' parimatchwin games list odds, but it's virtually impossible to punish them for it. We tell you the scheme of how a betting company works.

At one point bookmakers invented a superior mechanism for calculating odds and are still getting rich. In this article we'll analyze where bookmakers get their rates, how they put a commission on them and why they change them all the time.

What is an indicator in sports betting

Indicator is a possibility of this or that final, taking into account the bookmaker's margin. According to the odds determine the likely payout and the net profit in case of a successful bet.

In Pakistan, for most players is comfortable European ratio. It is written as a decimal fraction usually with 2 decimal places after the point.

Determine the likely payout by multiplying the bet amount by the bookmaker's index.

Margin in sports betting is the bookmaker's commission put into the figures.

Calculate the margin as a percentage of the European odds by using the formula:

  • (1 / K1 1 / K2 1 / Kn - 1) x 100, where K1, K2, Kn are indicators on the finals of the 1st market, n is the number of votes on one market.

English index

Record it with the usual fraction. Determine the potential profit when betting on English fractional indicators by multiplying the bet amount by the value of the fraction.


Written as an integer with a minus or plus sign.

The plus American figure indicates the potential net profit for a bet amount of $100.

The minus U.S. figure indicates how much you need to bet for a possible untarnished income of $100.

How bookmakers calculate the index of one or the other final

Indicators are calculated in three steps.

Possibility. First of all, bookmakers use the work of experts, determining the possibility of this or that action. BK acquire data from analytical agencies or trust the opinion of their own employees.

Calculation of odds. Acquired figures are translated into figures.

Adding Margin. Bookmakers put a margin in the figures, to be in the plus at a distance.

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