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What is YIELD and how to count it

The world of sports betting uses a wide variety of methods to measure success. These include ROI, YIELD, pass rate, net profit and other options. Today we will talk about YIELD, a method for measuring a bettor's success: what it is, how it is calculated and how it differs from ROI.

What is YIELD?

This figure allows us to determine the percentage of profit of the betting funds invested in sports betting. YIELD is the most informative and objective over a long distance - from 1000 bets and more. It differs from ROI in that it is the net profit percentage of all bets placed, whereas ROI takes into account the profit percentage of the bank.

Formula and example of calculation YIELD = (P / S) * 100%, where:
P - net profit or loss;
S - amount of bets made.

YIELD and Passing percentages

Now let's compare the YIELD with the Pass Rate, which is also a popular measure of a player's profitability. Suppose you win 27 out of 50 bets, and lose 23. In this case the winning percentage is 54%. The figure, compared to YIELD is completely unrepresentative. If you do not have information about the number of bets, the average odds, the pass rate is an empty shell. It by itself says almost nothing. After all, you can have a percentage of passage of bets over 80%, but to be in the red (to bet at 1.1 and often lose).

And you can have a passage of only 20-30%, but to be in the plus (to bet at high odds 3-5 and win one bet out of 2-4).

YIELD and Net Profit

Also bettors like to measure their success by comparing their bankroll before betting on an Betting company Parimatch and after withdrawal. Keep all inputs as you did in the examples above.


The YIELD adds up to the evaluation of the success and profitability of long-distance betting on the Betting company Parimatch. The greatest objectivity of this parameter has a long distance (at least 500-1000 bets), otherwise the margin of error is too high. The more bets included in the sample, the more accurate the calculation will be.
YIELD gives a more accurate estimate, because the ROI calculation may result in overestimation, which can lead the player to euphoria and mislead him and those around him.

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